This website reflects my involvement with crop circles. I believe the acceptance of this genuine phenomenon could release human consciousness from the narrow, oppositional focus in which it is so endangered. I also think that were we listening, wisdom and skills that are beyond us now possibly could be imparted by an intelligence vaster than our own.

Mighty Companions is enrolling people to call for an investigation of the crop circle phenomenon, so that what has been marginalized will be bought to the fore. Here's something that you are invited sign and to pass along :


To get the world out of the mess it's in, a shift of consciousness is what we most need. We'll never solve the world problematique without it -- as Einstein said, problems are not solvable at the level of consciousness that created them.  The advocacy here for  evoking  a consciousness shift is via the crop circle phenomenon. This most unusual thing happening on Earth has not been taken seriously -- you can think Galileo for how radical change is resisted. Research that has been done, however, leads to the conclusion that a non-human agency is making these marks on Earth. Since we've never identified anything other than ourselves with the capacity to design there's no way to know the source, but we can study the footprints that source leaves. They show the phenomenon as a function of processes we can't perform, done by intelligences with design capacities that exceed virtually all people's talents. When this is introduced into the world's conversation, it won't go away and figures to open people's minds at a time when everyone is imploded in a small minded violent engagement.

To call attention to the circles and the body of work that has been done on them, signatures are being sought for the document at the url below, with special interest in enrolling people  from the scientific community, the media, and others who get listened to. All  it says is that the situation should be investigated -- no one has to be a believer for that.

A Call For an Investigation of What is Known About Crop Circles
[This is the document for signature, which  supports the value of the call it makes and gives information  that points to  the authenticity of the phenomenon.]

  Suzanne Taylor
Executive Producer of CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth.


Another intelligence is making contact. That's all we know for sure.

Crop Circles 101

There's nothing that gets me as excited as crop circles. I'm opening a track for following events related to the circle phenomenon as they transpire:
Suzanne's Crop Circle Diary

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“I've just released a new DVD, What On Earth? Inside The Crop Circle Mystery (June, 2009). What on Earth? is an 81-minute feature documentary chronicling my interactions, in England, with members of the lively community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, geometers, educators, and farmers who have been profoundly touched by the crop circle phenomenon. It deals with how our scientific materialistic worldview hampers serious investigation of a great mystery of our time, and knowing how the circles come from another intelligence would help us think as a planet to solve the problems that challenge us now ” — Suzanne Taylor

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"I'm currently making three theatrical documentaries: the first is Crop Circles: Quest for Truth. I think that crop circles are one of the most unrecognized significant unexplained phenomena in the world. I think there's something going on there that's more than just a natural anomaly. It is unprecedented and of major significance, and it deserves more attention. Despite the occasional hoaxer, it's absolutely true and truly important to humanity as a whole. I think it's that big."
- William Gazecki -
Read William's account of his relationship with the circles.

WIRED magazine is a great expression of high tech. It's interesting for a crop circle article to appear in it, where this author gets it that something very high tech is going on. It's the first upbeat article I've seen in mainstream American media. And I like that it mentions my film, Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, which is opening in theatres in the States on August 23. Read Wheat Graffiti here.

"[If we were to discover extra-terrestrial life] it would show that we are not intellectually unique in the galaxy. Mankind has a tendency to think that he's very special. We consider ourselves morally, or culturally, or intellectually unique. But if we were to find a signal from another star system, another thinking being, we would know that none of that is true. A connection with another intelligence would be the first bridging across four billion years of independent life in evolution. It will be the end of Earth's cultural isolation in a galaxy and a universe containing surely millions of other civilizations...It will be without doubt the greatest discovery in the history of humankind."
-Paul Horowitz, S.E.T.I. Project Director-

"A great power has arisen, directing thoughts and perception in a certain direction, towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism have previously allowed.  Gently, subtly, with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided across a watershed, from one world view to another.  And this is in no way arbitrary, but a purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of eternal nature and the necessities of the present. We can now see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation."
-John Michell-

We have a far ranging, ongoing conversation about the state of the world and the role the crop circle phenomenon is playing and could play on our sister site, "Making Sense of These Times," at Take a look -- and have a say!
Read about the very unusual crop circle that came at the end of last summer in England, which should have been called "Contact" but was summarily dismissed by SETI (our government's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), on our 2001 Diary page.

For monthly on-line reporting on the genuine crop circle phenomenon:

"Swirled News is THE web site to access for informed up-to-date news and reviews on the latest happenings and discoveries in the world of crop circles, supported by incisive and frank commentary, analysis, opinion and humour. The most recent cerealogical discoveries, pronouncements, media stories, intrigues and enlightenments… all are reported as Swirled News provides a vital information service, fighting sceptic propaganda with reason and passion."

What the crop circle community can do after September 11
What are people saying about crop circles?

"Remember you're a key part of the biggest conspiracy on Earth -- a
conspiracy to transform it completely and improve the lives of every
person and Being on this planet -- and it makes all other conspiracies
look like child's play."
Palden Jenkins

Since these formations, which appear in crop fields around the world, are largely ignored by the media, and what has been reported by and large has been startlingly irresponsible, their genuine nature as a non-human perpetration is not understood by the majority of people. Those who do know what is happening call the appearance of the designs the most awesome thing that ever has happened to humanity.

We are being visited and signaled. There is no debate about this among those who are paying attention to what is going on. That there is so little recognition of the fact that this is happening is as astonishing as the very existence of these art works that are executed from another dimension.

If you doubt, all you need to do is experience these remarkable reconstructions:

A charming tongue-in-cheek story: Milk Hill formation

A compilation of reconstructions: Zef Damon's Site

Then email me if you still maintain that all crop circles are human-made.<

"Other evidence for a mystery beyond the capabilities of
mass-hoaxing has its place, but it's in the geometrical bliss
of the patterns themselves that their true genius is revealed."

Andy Thomas, "Swirled News"

England -- Summer, 2001

Listen to my interview with circle-friendly Wiltshire farmer, Polly Carson, taped during my trip to England in the summer of 2001.

See a report on my 2001 crop circle trip.

What did Bill O'Reilly, who has the highest rated talk show on cable, have to say about crop circles?
Listen here!
click here to listen
(Aired August 27, 2001)

England -- Summer, 2000

See a report on my August, 2000 crop circle trip.

Listen to my interview with leading crop circle researcher, Francine Blake, during my trip to England, August, 2000.

During my 2000 trip, I also interviewed Simon Peter Fuller and Barbara Lamb while we were guests at the same English bed and breakfast.

Many people with whom I speak of crop circles are unaware of the intricate weaving that is present in the designs. A couple of guys with boards smashing down crops in the middle of the night? I think not!

-Suzanne Taylor-

We human beings are no accident; a fine-tuned construction allows our physicality to be. What mind designed us? And what accounts for artifacts produced long ago via technologies more advanced than our own? These mysteries are no greater, however, than what is occurring in present time, as an unseen presence is signaling us. It is making crop circles.

All you have to do to be convinced that these impressions are being stamped into our reality from another one is to study these "events" that have been occurring for years in crop fields all over the world -- and in rice paddies, crab grass, iced-over rivers and more. Tracks from the likes of the Pyramids and Stonehenge have led to these formations, which are communicating in our languages of science, mathematics, art and philosophy, bespeaking a common source for us and them.

The crop circles, to those with eyes to see, look like placeholders for the awareness that lies beyond the miracle of our self-consciousness. With our world at an ecological brink, and humanity in desperate need of vision for that next reality, would it not behoove us to investigate the possibilities inherent in modern-day mysteries to help us to see further? With the crop circles, it is possible that all we need is an appreciation for their extraordinary artistry, their technical wizardry, their inspired choice of canvases, to link with them in the very intelligence that created us both.

As Marianne Williamson says, in a widely quoted passage from A Return to Love:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
The Circle Makers could be trying to boost us to "the glory of God that is within us," in running their beautiful rings around us all.



Zef Damon's Reconstructions Site

Lucy Pringle's Site

Steve Alexander & Karen Douglass

Patterns of Conciousness
Allan Brown's Site

Read our 1995 interview with crop circle researcher, Michael Glickman.
Read a penetrating conversation with a crop circle track, about Making Sense of These Times.

"UFO encounters, near-death experiences, and other anomalies are not only
interrelated -- they may indicate that 'a single source of intelligence
is using whatever openings it can find to penetrate our collective mind
and modify our basic ideas of how reality works.' "

-Keith Thompson, quoting Michael Grosso-


Madam X's Gazette
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Spoon Bending

Peter Sorensen shares, "The strangest
thing I ever saw..."

Dr. Charles T. Tart's wonderful site, TASTE: "An online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported."

"What do we make of ourselves after September 11?"
Visit our Making Sense of These Times Website.

Come over to the new site to see the rest of the Crop Circle Diary.

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