Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

Second Gathering
June 6, 1994

I am going to be effective or I will die trying. I try to seek nothing for the separated self.

It is fun and exciting to be creative together, excellent together -- and what shows up is love.

Maybe we are on the verge of finding something altogether new and altogether unimaginable. It is not in the I; it is in the Us. When I am uplifted, I impact everyone...like a ripple in a pond out beyond the small me to the Self. I want to be in partnership with those who feel as I do, so we can go further.

My passion is to be in a group that is on the cusp of something new. What are the techniques for touching and becoming steeped in Christ consciousness? We are at the doorstep of something huge. How can we keep our head in the divine reality and bring that to all other realities?

I want the human condition to be different because I was here. To make this incarnation count. To whom much is given much is expected.

It is all tied in with that inner core sense of connection with the divine.

I have been waiting for this time. It seems like I can't go through this birth canal, yet I know I can't go back. I want to be really intimate with God.

I want to have the song sing me and know it makes a difference. I want to be more useful.

I want a deep appreciation of my own naked humanity, culture, previous lifetimes. I want it to be real and not a fantasy of realization. Many teachers have taken people off track. How can we hope to stay on track. But that is what I want. If you want it for yourself you automatically want it for all beings. A Sufi refuses to enter paradise until all beings enter paradise. I don't want to be lost in the persona of a spiritual teacher, old soul, male, educated person -- none of these personas. I want to be nakedly who I am. And I don't want to say I am free of personas. I don't want to fall into the vast number of spiritual traps. I want that full spiritual fruition which is almost invisible, close to the grain, almost indistinguishable from a happy human life. I wish for a state of natural enlightenment which is honest and correct for each person and not a copy of someone else's. The ultimate bliss is present already. I don't want to oppose or endorse tribulations. They just arise. I don't want to succumb to temptations. I don't want to succumb to the temptation of saying I'll never succumb to temptations. I want to be honest and sophisticated like a country person who goes direct. They are hard to fool about things in their part of the country. I want to have an unwavering sense of spiritual worth, yet not to get lost in the trap of a spiritual Superperson. And not to get lost in the trap that all there is is traps.

First Gathering
May 9, 1994
Third Gathering
July 22, 1994

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