Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

Fourth Gathering
August 21, 1994

World scary. Also great light -- communication system that can spread it. Pockets of light (us). Hard to understand dark -- Bosnia. Death throes of old from old assumptions -- consumerism. Soullessness. Pain can be healing impetus; can also exacerbate, not good at all.

Anything that can be done by us? Focus on that.

Suzanne: "Is there anything that feeling, thinking, caring people, individually or collectively, might do -- might take some positive action, might decide, might be intentional about?"

First question is what needs to happen. Greatest shortage: meaning. Don't deny problems (denial contributes to fear).

To do: keep fear level down. And assure survival for people...somehow. Also/or people need inner strength (always).

Prophesies say radical transformation now -- switching values to spirit base. Tim did "our prayer circle" with 125 facilitators -- startling results. We may be on to something.

Tim Piering: "If a person listens, the instruction will come about what to do. It's a matter of choice then...All the rules we know about are now passe. What you have to do, in faith and with correct attitude, is step forth, and as you step forth the bridge appears, and step forth again and the bridge appears again, and that's the new way of operating. It's like tuning in to this higher sense."

Phenomenon noted that once it's said it's done.

How to affect people on the street? Asking the question is laying track -- ask with people of influence. Think formats.

Suzanne: "What if there were important people from the media, because the media touches everyone, who could be tuned into this circle energy? We could do that."

Robert Conrad: "Imagine that if you could follow your heart and your soul, the bridge would appear. And that's an individual thing. And maybe collectively, if we provide the space within which each of us would follow our heart and soul, for each of us the next step would be there in a way that we can't imagine that the universe would take care of us. And then, if we can get other people excited about doing this, that kind of thing can snowball."

Lots about not denying the shadow. (Who is?) Mustn't "accentuate the positive" -- tell the truth about the way it is. Must step off from there.

Tim asks about what if it's not so difficult for our group to be effective. Maybe we could work on a subtle level -- maybe as we stay in the consciousness that we're part of a higher power, we don't need to do a lot...and whatever we perhaps "do" might be secondary to holding this awareness. We're talking about being able to affect things with our energy. This is radical shift, from thinking doing is causal to thinking holding space of grace and intention is -- disciplining ourselves to live in this space. We are laboratory -- see how Tim went out and used our experiment.

Tom Carney: "The Group exists in the place Tim's talking about."

Tom: "What can we do about things? David pointed out 501(c)3 powerhouse groups who are doing things. My view of this group is not that. My view of this group is we work with those groups' leaders. And we work with them on the mental plane. And that we precipitate ideas that are new to the whole planet. And we try to give them some kind of form and to step them down so the leaders of these action groups will have some place to go to tap that stuff and put it into action...What's in our midst is some exceedingly sophisticated personality integration and some very sharp intellectual equipment, and if we can whip that into some kind of a group, which requires love to make the connections, then I think that we can tap areas on the mental plane and on the higher mental plane that deal with new ideas concerning the greatest good for the greatest number, and bring those ideas down and formulate them in some kind of method -- either put them out through print or video or some kind of a media message that people who operate these large political action and community action impact groups can get to."

We can serve those who serve others -- like Bob Pratt, who sits with us, from Volunteers of America. We are a group operating between the planetary intelligentsia (scientists) and areas of the mental plane outside their domain. We bridge.

Tom: "I have my whole shadow here. I'm sure everybody else's is here, also."

Idea that people have to free their shadows so they can take leap of faith. Need to be the best individual. And/or first sign of soul-base is to take responsibility for the self. Next step: be in community. Cutting edge: circle like this -- work through personalities and still make deep connection.

Tom: "This is where it's at. This is the kind of place you can really create the new consciousness and bring it down. If we can make a group together and accomplish a task -- and I'm not into doing any big numbers -- then humanity can do it. If we can't, then humanity can't, either, cause we're humanity. And I see that as part of the goal: to be able to sit around and deal with issues that matter, with high-powered intelligences and mutual respect for one another and get somewhere."

Tim: "This 'we' here is more than just a group getting together; it's the cutting edge of what's to come. Can we carry this 'we-ness' out there? What is happening here and might be happening in some other circles is this convergence of global mind -- or whatever you want to call it -- of Christ consciousness or something, that we are the receivers of. It's coming forth, and as we speak it we reinforce the feeling that everybody is sensing down at the heart level. And then we go out and we're able to pass it on to other people. I think perhaps this is even more valuable than we have a sense of."

Robert: "There's a certain love that exists. There's a tangible quality to it that's really beautiful and it's a matter of just feeling that -- knowing that we're all connected in some way and yet we really have to connect. There's still that connection that needs to be made so we can let down some of the facades, the defenses that exist, so we can connect better."

Tom creates group energy in his meditation in what he explains is a scientific way -- uses mental equipment, visualizes everyone, soul is what registers. Carries vibration of people with him.

Tim feels like he carries presences out with him after makes soul connection -- us and group of facilitators. And that our group is about "the work". But maybe it's back-imputing, where what he's tuned into now is coloring his memory of what occurred. Either way, people in meditative connection is new ground. Report from his doubter: maybe not -- maybe nothing. But as relives, quickens. Keep reminding self to hunt and hold these spaces as much as we can. Develop our capacity.

Tom: (re Tim and Suzanne's work on editing conversations) "We're getting the group through your vision and we're getting you. I saw the group through your eyes. If we all had computer power and program knowledge and the unselfishness to do it, we'd all do that once. We'd each produce a group thing once. Then we'd each see the group from each one of our points of view, and we'd learn something about that person and the group that would be very interesting."

Tim: "Something is new here, and at the same time I can't grab onto this. I have to set it aside. Because the minute you hang onto it, it entraps you. We are labelers, and so the minute a system comes out we want to grab onto it. It's our nature to grab on and label and pigeonhole. What I was getting was that there was something beautiful about it, but to be able to let go of it as quickly as you grab it."

Tom: "The quality I register is highly integrated personalities that know what they're doing and what they're about, and powerful mental equipment. And that's something you can do something with."  

Long riff on meditation and prayer: the difference, and what we believe and do. Tim's notion of ceaseless prayer.



Tom: "The more one pushes oneself to serve, the more one will evoke that within him or her which will try to prevent the service. You have to deal with it to keep on serving. That's how you pull [the shadow] out."

Tim talks about the power of naming. It makes a myth -- like out of what Tom said about the shadow -- the acknowledgement of an unspoken truth, from whence we understand ourselves. Alchemy. We use the energy we create to forward our show.

Tim: "Part of our job is to bring forth and verbalize the new myth."

Barbara Simon: "I heard you Tom, but I didn't get what you said until Tim said it. Tom: "That's one of the benefits of group. There's a lot more in that than is surfacing right now, but it will continue to come out...I have a whole lot of problems with this shadow stuff."

Barbara: What I got I didn't get until you restated it -- that maybe the doubt I feel is the shadow coming up because what I do is so right."

Tom: "The materialistic world would make effects real and ignore causes. Issues of principle, rather than methods, are the building blocks of systems...Health care is an inalienable born right. That's the principle. How you put that into action, who the hell cares, so to speak."

Willis Harman: "The West is so fundamentally confused that everything they do about management in the long run turns out to be wrong. The most fundamental principle of all is that subjective is cause and objective is effect. In the 17th century in Western Europe they got this bright idea to turn this on its head and see what happens -- to create some science on the basis that the objective world is cause: the electrons and atoms and the fields and all that. It's so fundamentally wrong, they have to end up in the long run with something that doesn't work, even though in the short run it seemed to make some gains. So now management has to go back to the proper principle that subjective is cause."

Tim: "You can create a myth that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy perhaps. Like the service we were just talking about. As we speak it..." the battery runs out...

I am doing more summarizing and interpreting this time. I'd like to provide something for you to add your comments to -- corrections of how I interpreted, comments about what I left out, and added thoughts about the content of what was said or anything else that comes to mind that you want to say.

I think it could get very interesting texturized this way; maybe it could be part of what we "do." Think about the possibility of working from full transcriptions. I'd need funding to do that.

Summary, First
Three Gatherings
Fifth Gathering
September 18, 1994

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