Received from people who have been touched by our work

"It is now your turn to take over in the chain of life and evolution and to have many mighty companions of the new generation. We badly need a new movement of the 1990's as we had one in the 1960's. Keep on your good work. Perseverance can do miracles. May God bless you in your work for a better world. It is coming fast now."

-Robert Muller-
Former Assistant Secretary General of the U.N.

"I hope you will count us as mighty companions. Interchange in cyberspace seems very appropriate as a manifestation of the telepathic rapport which already exists among those who are aware of the inescapable alterations taking place. Reactionaries, be aware! Nothing can stop the evolutionary nature of the future which is in store! It is with enthusiasm and joy that we engage with you to hasten the process!"

-Gloria Crook-
President, The Robert Muller School

"You are always so brilliant in what you write. It find it inspiring and motivating. What a Spirit you are! I know you are here on Earth bringing an experience of another life where synergy prevailed. I think I come from the same place. That delicate interface between inspiration and manifestation is still so dense, that most of us get fractured as we enter the denser field. Yet we are drawn to do it, time and again -- for we are guides through the transition. Thank you so much for your devoted work in bringing us all together."

-Barbara Marx Hubbard-

"I appreciate the efforts of the minds who are choosing to put energy into a visionary shift. We must all rise to the occasion of brainstorming, planning and organizing practical steps toward making our world the way we dream it could be. Thanks for what you're doing to get us there from here."

-Mona Brookes-
Monart Schools, Author

"If anybody can turn the expression, 'You can't get there from here,' on its head, Suzanne and her friends are apt to be that person. I look forward to following the path that you will be laying out for yourself and others."

-Jeremy Tarcher-
Tarcher Publishing

"Being an octogenarian, I regret that publications like yours and thinkers like yourselves hadn't been ascendant in my youth. If they had, I'm confident the world would have been better, more loving and a more beautiful place."

-Hilda Taylor-
(mother of Suzanne Taylor, the Founder of Mighty Companions)

"I continue to find myself amused, informed, stimulated and grateful that you are doing what you are doing. Keep up the good work of galactic networking."

-Justine Toms-
New Dimensions Radio

"It is an honor (and a privilege) (and a duty) to be walking with you. I am committed to the belief that the healing of our culture and of the planet itself can only be accomplished through the release of the feminine consciousness -- the consciousness of being rather than doing, of belonging rather than individuating, of compassion rather than aggression. It is in this recognition that it is an honor to join you in what you are undertaking."

-Daphne Rose Kingma-

"You make a tremendous contribution in facilitating these kinds of connections, and I celebrate you for it."

-Tom Hurley-
Institute of Noetic Sciences

"You are an inspiration. Many thanks for the nurture you gave me and the warmth of your free-flowing energy and generosity. My core being is so resonant with you -- even though I choose to work on what I passionately care about by entering into a "dis-passionate" field and learning its schizophrenic languaging -- in order to expose it to real people!"

-Hazel Henderson-

"Our society is going through some very painful times. They are primarily indications of a system passing through a period of fundamental change. The outcomes will be very profoundly affected by the creativeness of our responses. The transition pains can be significantly lessened by the kinds of activities you are involved with…Collectively, we're in an awakening now. Nothing really comes other than from small groups. Sometimes it looks as if it happens through institutions, but institutions are just structures that small groups can work within…I like very much your strategy of creating an alignment among people who are already awake, rather than spending your energies attempting to awaken those who aren't ready yet. Some would call it preaching to the choir, but there are already a lot of choir members, and the number is constantly growing. I think we need to spread the appreciation of how many there are, and how agreed we are on the essential needed transformation. Keep up your fine work."

-Willis Harman-
Institute of Noetic Sciences & World Business Academy

"May you be bathed in love constantly, which is the most esoteric implication of non-duality! Of course, I receive your heart-offering with immense gratitude and place it within my heart -- heart within heart, mind within mind. Who can predict what healing and illumination will flow from this alchemy? Our pilgrimage is now together, not separately. You will know the next moves mysteriously. This is a Sufi Story, a Kabbalistic tale of Reb Nachman, a Zen Koan, a great novel -- it is our life. You are immersed in supreme richness and magnificence. The palace of Seuleman the Magnificent fits easily into your heart of love. Millions of galaxies are like dust-motes floating in a single shaft of light within your heart's shrine. Infinite love itself, creator of all manifestation, can enter there at will, the Oneness that cannot fit into any realm, any dimension."

-Lex Hixon-

"Your thoughts and ideas are especially meaningful to me."

-Hillary Clinton-
First Lady, U.S.A.

"You are really a divine networker; thank you for your thoughtfulness. Please know that you and Mighty Companions are in my heart."

-Alan Cohen-

"Although we've had our hands full, we have not been too busy to read and appreciate each successive mailing of the Mighty Companions materials you send. It's an honor to be associated with you. We extend our deepest gratitude for your support, and especially for your enduring friendship and the sparkling, magical, special person that you are."

-Ken Carey-

"Thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication to service and to the planet and all humankind."

-Rev. Michael Beckwith-
AGAPE Church of Religious Science

"Your encouragement throughout the years has meant a lot to me. You and I are pointed at the same thing -- to create a raging forest fire of love, to sweep us forever out of this deadening sadness of egos and superficiality. The idea of yours for a public place where such interactions and such community could happen regularly is really it. I think you've found the crucial idea. Now you need to stay with it in patience as it flowers. To have such radiant personalities involved with, swirling in and out of, your place is to create an opening that our non-industrial world so sorely needs. Through the years you have established contact with a number of the central thinkers and activists of our time; you have created a seed bed for important transformational work."

-Brian Swimme-

"Suzanne Taylor's spirit and vision are major assets in a time when cynicism dominates and much doesn't come to be simply because of a lack of enthusiasm and will. Once a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, Ms. Taylor has transformed her academic abilities and trainings into a new form of scholarship and service. She understands that at this time in our planet's history, new forms of inquiry and synthesis of knowledge are necessary. Her inquiry into "the feminine" in both men and women is an important part of her inquiry into many pan-cultural issues which involve redefinitions of gender, the role of science in civilization, and the reinvention of modes of knowing. She has always attracted some of the best and most original minds to her work."

-Richard Grossinger-
North Atlantic Books

"How very much I have enjoyed participating in Mighty Companions. I find a wealth of aspiration, stimulation, and a willingness to learn and serve that is rare in the new thought movement. I find myself fortunate to be included in the 'Companions' company."

-Georgia Lambert-
Wisdom Teacher, Nature of the Soul

"We are thinking many parallel thoughts."

-Ram Dass-

"Your description of Focusing that you put in your Mighty Companions materials is so right on, so heartful, so true. I'm inspired to "come out" more in my teachings -- because you know that "inner relationship" stuff is from me -- but I've been shy about putting it out. You're wonderful!"

-Ann Weiser Cornell-
Focusing Resources

"I dig you. Keep on."

-Michael Ventura-

"Congratulations on all your good work!! Right on with the Crop Circles. The higher order is now in. I was pleased to read your letter to Bill and Al. You were spot on that we support programs to probe space for an otherness that is right here, right now.

-Jose Arguelles-

"You have a great idea which may well help to speed up the changes in thinking and ways of being that we both would like to see -- from feelings of separateness to those of oneness and from a competitive attitude to a loving, cooperative awareness as it is explained and illustrated by God in Conversations with God. May God bless you and help you with your mission."

-Neale Donald Walsch-

"I can't begin to thank you for your lovely space and your magical presence. Halfway through six months of the rigors of touring, you provided me an oasis in every way that I needed one. I will never forget my time there. If I can be the test case for your palatial intent, the answer is yes. Your sacred space for teachers is much needed, and if anyone has the gift to make it happen, it's you."

-Victoria Moran-

"Mighty Companions evolved out of Suzanne's unrelenting thirst for her life's sangha -- that circle of people who can help her do what she feels she needs to do in this life, and whom she could help similarly. Not a single 'member' of the circle, however, would claim any more than a percentage point in the effort and magnetism that has kept this group growing (changing, thriving) all these years, but would all, consensually, I'm sure, assign primary credit for the manifestation of the circle to Suzanne. We are all grateful to her for helping to bring us together -- with each other, yes, but in the deeper sense, for helping to bring each of us together with ourselves."

-Arjuna da Silva-
Former Editor, New Florida Times

"What important work. You are a divine connector, helping humans connect with the divine in themselves and each other. What an inspiration you are! Blessing to you and to your inspired work."

-Emma Bragdon-

"You have every right to be proud of being the mother of these great paradigm leaps. You have been able to watch it all unfold, ringside in your own living room!"

-Nori Muster-

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