…your illuminating friendship with John, to whom I send my love and gratitude. You are the center of this, and should continue to be. You may feel that you have received much from me, but I have received much from you - a free-flowing sense of play, yes, a sense of being stoned and high (with or without herbal intoxicants). You posses as well a lazer-beam sense of authenticity or the lack of it. When you are clear, which seems to me to be more and more of the time, (may this blessing be on all of us in our various clouded moods, which are also Kali's play) your beam is one of the strongest and purest around. Finally, I am so hungry for diverse human beings, I think each person should bring to the circle one friend (or a couple) who would attend as non-speaking participants (or as whatever the particular leader that time may decide). These should be above all friends, i.e., their friendship can be relied upon. But beyond that they should have distinctly different backgrounds and perception. Some of them may be inspired to become regular "friends of the circle," because we definitely need a certain regularity or continuity of attendance. Perhaps at the very end of the meeting they could be asked to offer any observations they wish. Suzanne, you have to write the book, Circles; we are your loving collaborators.

All love,

P.S. Please send this to the "friends of the circle," the Society of Friends, as Quakers call themselves.

P.P.S. Please accept the enclosed cheque to Mighty Companions as an offering of love. I think regular friends of the circle should consider making such an offering to create more spiritual responsibility.

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