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Joe Simonetta
Joe Simonetta and Others
Allan Savory
Geov Parrish
Copthorne Macdonald
Mario Martinez
Walter Starck
Daniel Pinchbeck

Quotes -- Post 9/11
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- September, 2001
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- October, 2001
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- November, 2001
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- December, 2001
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- January/February, 2002
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- March, 2002
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- April, 2002
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- May, 2002
Quotes From Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- June, 2002
Quotes from Good Pieces Post 9/11 -- July/August, 2002
Soundbites from Quotes pulled from Post 9/11 Articles

Five Star Pieces Chosen by Suzanne in Response to 9/11
The Logic of Empire, George Minbiot
Powell: 'bastards won't drive me out', David Wastell
Market Extremists Amok and How Best to Dethrone Them, Kevin Phillips
The Insider Game, Paul Krugman
Clearing the Air: Why I quit Bush's EPA, Eric Schaeffer
A Break-in For Peace, Howard Zinn
A Conversation with Justin Podur in Gaza, Justin Podur and Cynthia Peters
The Corporate Abuse-reform Cycle, Edward Herman
Flavors of Fraud, Paul Krugman
Corporations Have Chokehold on U.S. Media, Rep. Bernie Sanders
The Age of Acquiescence, Maureen Dowd
A New Movement for Peace, Marianne Williamson
Calm Down a Little, Stephen Huyler
Conspiracies Or Institutions: 9-11 and Beyond, Stephen R. Shalom and Michael Albert
The Fake Persuaders, George Minbiot
"Bowling for Columbine" Wins Cannes Prize, Michael Moore
Don't Wag Your Finger at Us, Mr. Bush, Henry Porter
What Did Bush Know? Michael Albert
Apartheid in the Holy Land, Desmond Tutu
How Wal-Mart is Remaking our World, Jim Hightower
Gaza City: Sharon's War On The Future -- An Eyewitness Recounts Israel's Military Action, Benjamin Dov Granby
If You Want a Free Vote, Ask Nicely, Terry Jones
To the Courageous Soldiers Who Say "NO!" Benjamin von Mendelssohn
U.S. Jews Cannot Acquiesce to Sharon's Monstrous Behavior, Robert Scheer
Open Letter to American Jews, Assaf Oron, a Jewish "refusenik"
This Sinking Ship of Fools, William Rivers Pitt
Stupid White Men Shoots to #1 on New York Times Bestseller List -- Bush/Cheney Prepare to Weep and Leave, Michael Moore
Enron: The Slow Burn, William Rivers Pitt
Axis Of Evil -- in Washington, D.C., Edward Herman
US Morality Distorted by September 11, Robert Fisk
Kucinich Rocks the Boat, John Nichols
Re "STUPID WHITE MEN...And Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!" -- a Letter from Michael Moore
Allies Hear Sour Notes in 'Axis of Evil' Chorus, David E. Sanger
Bush Counts on a War Without End, Thomas Walkom
State of the Enron, Frank Rich
Pricey Prime Time Propaganda: Anti-Drug Adverts and the Super Bowl, Zara Gelsey
Crime in the Suites, William Greider
Hell to Pay, William Rivers Pitt
Muslims and the West After September 11, Pervez Hoodbhoy
The Innocent Dead in a Coward's War, Seumas Milne
Civil Liberties, Timothy Egan
Dispatch from Anthrakistan, Martin A. Lee
After U.S. Massacre of Taliban POWs: The Stench of Death and More Media Lies, Jerry White
Clinton Calls Terror a US Debt to Past, Joseph Curl
Al-Qaida is Winning War, Allies Warned, Tania Branigan
An opinion from the Netherlands, Anton Philips
Keynote Address by Bill Moyers -- Environmental Grantmakers Assn. Conference
47 Questions and Answers, Michael Albert & Stephen R. Shalom
No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak, Barbara Kingsolver
Killing Them Softly: Starvation And Dollar Bills For Afghan Kids, Norman Solomon
They Opted to Bomb; It Had Better Work, Simon Jenkins
A New Marshall Plan, Dick Bell & Michael Renner
War of Lies, Rahul Mahajan & Robert Jensen
A Columbian Student Speaks His Mind, Filipe Toro
A Widow's Plea for Non-Violence, Amber Amundson
A Public Talk by Thich Nhat Hanh
Welcome to the Relationship Age, Terry Mollner
America's Unlimited War, Rahul Mahajan & Robert Jensen
Why I Will Not Rally Around the President, Robert Jensen
Love and Fear, Yael Lachman
New Holy War Against Evil? A Buddhist Response, David R. Loy
Bomb Them with Butter, Bribe Them with Hope, Kent Madin
Painful Roots, Camilo Belli
Unsettled Dust, Jon Ward
Ramblings, Allan Savory
The Deeper Wound, Deepak Chopra
Understanding Osama Bin Laden, William O. Beeman

Five Star -- Outside the Box
Message from the Inner Realms on the Attack on America, David Spangler
More Shock and Horror, E. van Loon
Crop Circles and World War III, Doctress Neutopia
Loving the Terrorists, David Diggs

Noteworthy News Items:
Paula Zahn Interview with Noam Chomsky & Bill Bennett
Surprise Bestseller Blames U.S., Michael Massing
Firm Boosts Profits by Asking Staff to Cuddle,
Hunger and Death in Afghan Villages, David Lyon
Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad,
Physicians for Social Responsibility Letter to President Bush
Seven Keys to a Safer Nation, Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence
We Won't Deny our Consciences -- Prominent Americans have issued this statement on the war on terror

Our WebRadio Show: Making Sense of These Times (in RealAudio and Windows Media formats)
Everyday God: Tuning into the Divine
Who Am I? Tacking with Poonja-ji
Sisterly Schmoozing About Women and Courage with author, Katherine Martin
Dreaming Dreams for the New Millenium
Split Mind and Whole Mind
After "Awakening" is "Service"
The Democratization of Enlightenment
Suzanne reads Brian Swimme's The Universe is a Green Dragon
A Conversation About True Power with Lex Hixon and Georgia Lambert
Taking Care of the Vehicle with Pennell Rock
Suzanne interviews Francine Blake on the Crop Circle Phenomenon in Southern England
Madam X shares her story in A Luncheon with Madam X
Suzanne and friends, Simon Peter Fuller and Barbara Lamb, schmooze about crop circles in The Power of One
Polly Gets a Cracker -- A Conversation About Crop Circles with Farmer, Polly Carson, in Wiltshire, England

The Mighty Companions Conversation
Conversations About Being Awake
with Jim Dreaver
with Stewart Levine
with Madam X
The Miracle of Y2K, November 18, 1998
Y2K Awareness, January 11, 1999
More Y2K Fodder, January 28, 1999
Y2K Milestone, February 18, 1999
Outside the Lines for Y2K, March 5, 1999
More Y2K Awareness, July 29, 1999
No Pain, No Gain, October 15, 1999
Y2K update, December 10, 1999
Clinton & Karla Faye, January 29, 1998
Benefit of the Clinton Conversation, September 19, 1998
The Miracle of Y2K, November 18, 1998
Reflections from a Pro-Impeachment Liberal Democrat, December 15, 1998
Clinton, January 18, 1999
Other Topics
Calling Us Home, August 14, 1997
A New Ground of Being, September 4, 1997
Reflection on Diana -- We See the Heart of the World, September 7, 1997
Let's Say No!, September 22, 1997
About Awakening Now, December 18, 1997
Personal Tips, December 20, 1997
CBS Sunday Morning, December 21, 1997
Dawn Steele as a Good Model and the L.A. Times as a Bad One, December 22, 1997
Call For a Coalition, February 4, 1998
Mary Kay LeTourneau, February 13, 1998

God Inside, March 21, 1998
What is our Voice? April 1, 1998
The Great Los Angeles Wake-up, May 29, 1998
ACLU Ad Campaign, June 19, 1998
The Next Step is Realization, August 3, 1998
Tracking the Great L.A. Wake-up, August 17, 1998
Holiday Greeting: A Message from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's Book, I Am That, December 1998
The New Story, March 19, 1999
No More War, April 22, 1999
The Call of the Wild, July 17, 1999

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Richard Moore on how best to bring about change in our current system.

Foot and Mouth -- The Management of a Pseudo-Crisis, a great piece by Steven Ransom

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