Operating since 1975, Mighty Companions became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1990. A sampling of activities include the Los Angeles launch of Peter Russell's landmark book, "The Global Brain;" physicist Brian Swimme in dialogue with some of the 300 people to whom we have distributed "The Universe is a Green Dragon," his remarkable creation story; frequent occasions with author Lex Hixon, practitioner of five sacred traditions, exploring the one truth underneath them all; periodic updates on the crop circle phenomenon; and rituals by spiritual groups, like the Shartze Monks conducting their initiation ceremony.

Many classes, workshops, celebratory events and roundtables for leaders of thought have been produced. Periodic newsletters and reports - issued as "ECHOES of a New Reality" - as well as books, tapes and scholarly papers have been distributed to project participants world-wide. All this has been done with no lesser purpose than to give shape to a new vision to inspire the world.

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