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Kaan Erdal (kaan.erdal@agouron.com)

We're excited to see the 'tent' go up. (The tent of Abraham had a door from each side as the story goes, and Lex liked this as an anology to the limitless nature of his circles.)

Kaan Erdal (kaan.erdal@agouron.com)

I had mentioned about a 'Lex cafe' idea before. As I sat down to write I came up with 'LexScape' whatever that means. I also have in mind 'LexDimension', 'Lex Phenomena', 'LexSpace' , 'Lex Cave', and so on. (How about 'Lex Cave Cafe?' It has both the ancient place of revelation, and the modern pop culture exploratory in it.) Whatever we come up with should look to not alienate as many Lex lovers as possible, while maintaining that 'space-like' idea about Lex (a place to explore).

The limitless Spirit who appeared as Lex Hixon on earth reality for a handful of decades manifested a very rich spectrum of human potentialities, not delineated by the few listed above. People who came to know him in some fashion will no doubt have some unique qualities they will want to attribute to him.

Two possible titles came to me while reading your message: Lexploratory and Lexplore. What do you think?
Kaan Erdal (kaan.erdal@agouron.com)

I think the names you have come up with are right on the mark. I'm not sure which one is more appropriate. 'LExploratory' makes our pages an instrument to explore Lex's work. As such it is humble with respect to the content. However, since we have control over the content, we decide what to explore as well. Whereas, at least the way I perceive, LExplore is more directly connected to the content, like, "Let's explore what we have provided for you." Does these make sense, or am I philosophizing too much? At any rate I like these much better. Also, I heard Lex use the word 'explore' a lot.

A Lex site can explore those aspects of Lex which make his legacy on earth most unique -- an unfathomable phenomenon. Lex managed to practice and teach in practically all the major sacred traditions in the world. The degree to which he actually lived as a joint citizen of parallel sacred worlds may possibly be something no person has accomplished in known human history.

I see the aim of this site being to collect and present various aspects of this mysterious manifestation of (and uniquely rich perspective on) human reality. It can present material that comes through his hands as well as those of his family, friends, spiritual companions, students, and teachers. These individuals, and/or anyone whose life has been in some way uplifted by Lex's presence on earth can be a part of the journey into 'LexScape' by contributing to these pages.

Gregory Blann (GrBlann@aol.com)

I first met Lex briefly in 1979, when my wife and I visited a Gurdjieff school in West Virginia to see Sheikh Muzaffer. I got Coming Home at the time, and copies of some of his WBAI radio shows, In the Spirit. I took initiation with Pir Vilayat Khan in the Sufi Order in the West soon after that, and studied meditation, the world's religions and new paradigms in consciousness. Also Kabbala with Rabbi Zalman Schacter. In 1988, I bought Heart of the Koran and heard Lex on New Dimensions radio, and found out that he represented Sheikh Muzaffer in New York City and had translated the Turkish hymns into English. As a musician, that interested me a great deal. I also was having dreams of Sheikh Muzaffer. So I called Lex and he invited us to stop by on our upcoming trip to NY. We did so and were initiated into the Jerrahi Order. Soon, Lex (or Sheikh Nur) was making frequent trips to Nashville and I began collaborating with him on the mystic hymns until his passing. Kaan and I were the first two that studied with Nur to be made sheikhs by Sefer Efendi, the present grand sheikh in Istanbul, and Lex was allowed to place the turbans on our heads. However, even though we practice Islam faithfully, it is from a very broad understanding of unity that we teach it and appreciate it, without dismissing the unitive dimensions of any other paths. Though Lex tended to keep the traditions separate, we used to discuss the meeting of the different views a lot.

The direction of what could be called generic spirituality/being a full human being/paradise or unity consciousness/open space beyond religions, seems to be something Lex was really heading toward in the very last years of his life. I'm seeing more and more of where he was at at the end, and he not infrequently comes and gives little teachings in my dreams--many are succint and almost beyond words or explanation, a little like a Zen master.

Kaan and I are always trying to delve into the higher teaching of Sufism to try to see how they relate to our deepest experiences and unveilings of the greater Self or Eternal Being, and are naturally interested in the approach you have been taking--of substantive human minds and hearts coming together to explore love and the resources of collective spiritual unfolding, not just the solo stuff. I find this eleventh hour work on bringing together the traditions intriguing and I'm still looking to where it could go.

As for whether Lex was testy, the pattern, which I experienced and heard repeated with others, was that he was so charismatic and loving that he attracted people quickly and made them feel valued and accepted and full of potential. There frequently was a honeymoon period (possibly lasting a year or more), after which he had so many connections and was attracting so many new people that he couldn't keep pouring as much attention and energy on the earlier associates. And in the context of Dervish students like myself, it was clear that he expected the ones who had been around awhile to mature and not need as much time and energy with him. Then, as I experienced it, and I think this is a fairly universal pattern, one begins to get in touch with one's own truth and is less inclined to hang on every word or opinion that comes through the teacher. And one sees the dependency of the situation. Yet the situation did not quite blossom into friendship, pure and simple--Lex seemed sometimes to need to stay in control and was not validating one to quite the same extent as in the beginning. Occasionally, I ran into more cynical souls who had fallings out with Lex, and thought that he came on real strong in the beginning and then had a pattern of running away. Someone said his Sufi name, Nur, backwards was Run, and Lex freely admitted that he ran from certain situations at times, the most famous being the year after he met Sheikh Muzaffer. On the Night of Power in Istanbul, word was that Muzaffer Efendi was going to make Lex a sheikh. Somehow, fear of the whole Islamic thing and responsibility welled up in him that evening, culminating, as he told it, in his leaving the tekke without saying goodbye to anyone. And, because he couldn't find his shoes in the crowd, running through the streets of Istanbul barefooted until he found a taxi, which took him to his hotel room and quickly to the next plane for the United States. The sheikh was heart-broken, but never, ever uttered a recriminating word. The relationship was restored gradually on the sheikh's next trip to America.

Well, I don't know if you ever heard that one. But you seemed to be asking for insight into Lex. Please understand that I love him very much for all he was, that this is not meant as criticism, but simply part of his humanity. I'm realizing as I write this that I'm very grateful to be in touch with another person who loved Lex and saw still other facets of him, and for what we can still learn from his realization. Of course, part of it was simply his joyful, loving life force, which is simply part of the Divine Essence that we all share and have access to.

...as for a Lex Website, it's hard for me to tell how that would go with people who never met Lex, but it may be worth a try. He had fingers in so many pies and was maturing a lot toward the end; I am still trying to put together the pieces wherever I find that he was involved in something. I used to have long discussions with him where I was wanting to explore where the traditions met. He said several times he valued that because he didn't have that many people with whom he could have such discussions. Apparently, the people in each tradition he dealt with were often narrowly focused on one path. However, even in our discussions, Lex often insisted on not mixing up the traditions and tended to talk one at time, not wanting to bring in the others for comparison so much. Then, later, he changed this a little, and when I pointed it out, he said perhaps his thinking had evolved a little. Toward the end, though, he wasn't saying much about it to us. I had the sense that he was really going into this full humanity approach, unitive realization beyond the traditional spiritual reality maps, which he, as a Capricorn, had often championed, at least in their mystical essence. That is terrain that interests me, and probably a lot of others.

Doug Berch (dberch@voyager.net)

I was happy to come across your page. I am a dervish of Lex Hixon (Sheik Nur al Jerrahi) and I often search the net for signs of his continued presence in people's lives.

I was happy to find the interviews, the photographs, and the knowledge that there are so many whose lives he touched while expressing who and what he was. He was so much in so many ways, while only being One.

Please keep me posted as to what you are up to. I'll come back to visit.

Gregory Blann (GrBlann@aol.com)

There are actually three of us in America who studied with Lex and were made sheikhs. There was some sentiment that this was a new generation of people associated with Lex that were coming to fruition in the order, and that as soon as it happened, Lex "retired" his Sufi responsibilities. That's the long way of saying that at least the three of us in America who came through similar training with Lex and were attracted to his universality, etc., have really continued to travel in a similar direction, valuing Lex's gifts and contributions and unitive perspective, realizing our own truth beyond representing Lex, and also delving into more new age perspectives. So... I was talking with Kaan about the possibility of pooling our ideas and emerging insights in a user group, very much along the model of Mighty Companions, in the realization that the group mind is smarter than the lone individual, when the group is of high quality and spiritual integrity. I can almost hear Lex insisting on bringing in a good mix of diverse viewpoints to broaden the scope...at the same time I'm considering whether it's best to start with a small nucleus and slowly add.

I definitely have this feeling of being on the edge of something essential, yet non-traditional in the direction of spiritual emancipated realization of unity that has to be buttressed with the creative energy of a group of like-minded experienced spiritual practicitioners.

I could comment on some of Lex's material. However, right at this moment I'm feeling it's a little what happened in the past, or the perceptions of one individual, and am excited about where we could go from here. I certainly feel Lex's presence and influence hovering near all of this. I suppose he did what he could for awhile and has passed on the torch, and its probably no accident that some of us are in contact now in 1997.

One question that I had was whether the group that met for a while (the Herringbone Project) ever reached a consensus of what works in such a group. Obviously there is the danger of making forms that would lull one to sleep, whereas always keeping the floor open for what is coming through in the way of creative possibilities is one of the strengths of the approach.

P.S. As for Lex's idea of non-physical reality, I couldn't always define things his way on that subject. I remember once someone used the word "materialistic" and Lex challenged it. The person qualified his meaning as something like "being attached to material possesions," and Lex still didn't accept the whole "spiritual" vs. "material" as a valid concept. Even when it was suggested that it reflects two poles of one unbroken continuum, and that by material we mean more solidified spirit, he wasn't accepting the legitimacy of the concept "materialism" anyway. The discussion went on and on without me really seeing the importance of the distinction he was making. It was the same with Lex's bias against science. He would sit in his kitchen trying unsuccessfully to convince Sheila and the kids of the near-illegitimacy of the scientific view of reality; then he would finally back off and admit that, if not pushed too far, it might have some validity as an opposing viewpoint to his. Though I readily see the limits of scientific dogma, and am quite skeptical of such theories as the big-bang. I never quite understood where Lex's strong anti-scientific bias came from.

Thanks for all your energy in this trying to facilitate this new stew. If I can do anything for you, let me know.

I am designing this Website with the continuing intention that it be a springboard for cross-connecting to look at naming a new reality into being. We are all in a field of fairly sensitized humanity which seems large enough at this point to support a paradigm shift -- look at the Diana outpouring! -- and the important question to me is if that can be catalyzed. Progress has to go in the direction of expanded awareness, but there's always that caveat that there may not be enough time without some concerted effort on the part of some. That's a basic imprint I always act on. So, of course, some way of holding an engagement is what's desired. Lex's acceptance in the world of thought and the rightness of his fundamental non-dualistic approach are a basis on which to build what comes next. And there is a profound rightness about it being a group endeavor, with these times not right for experts and audiences. How we proceed is another thing. I am very happy to work with you -- I just want this cross-connecting to happen, so let's puzzle out how.

In response to your query, we did different kinds of things with Lex. The "non-physical" and the "non-duality" evenings were dialogues that he conducted on pre-set subjects. For the non-physical one, everybody read Keith Thompson's book, "Angels and Aliens," which is a pretty good overview of the alien thing. And for the non-duality evening, we thought we were coming to write a code on non-dual community, and for the idea in another flavor we all read his piece on Vedanta Light). The Herringbone Project was a circle in which Lex participated. And he conducted a very crowded evening here with Georgia Lambert, a popular Wisdom Teacher in Los Angeles, as part of a monthly series with different guests. Also we had casual evenings which always consisted in part of us passing Lex's books around and reading to each other. An evening with Lex always seemed like a sacred experience. In the Herringbone Project, Lex made the strongest, most persistent case among the people in the group for coming up with some process or ritual or methodology to unite us. We tried a few times to do a meditation, changing the timing and some parameters, and then speak from the silence...or play the piano from it or do anything we felt to do. But more often, the circle tended to slip into profound banter. When Lex got sick and sent suggestions, I was unable to get them heeded -- I think I sent you the beautiful letter he wrote to the group to encourage everyone to carry on, which everybody pretty well ignored (maybe it's because he suggested they give me money). Did I tell you that there was also a controversy, before he got sick, that drove a rift that undermined us without his strong presence to keep us together? The rift was when it came to light that a member of the group was on a shamanic path -- for seven years had been working with hallucinogenic substance in a very sincere group effort (much more sincere than ours, actually, if not as star-studded). Lex did one of his deprecating numbers, like his gross biases about science or materialism, where he became illogical. Actually he hurt me with his attitude, it was so bigotted. There were others in the group -- the Ageless Wisdom/Bailey people -- who would have none of the shamanism, and we had our first defection at that point. Before that, there was a core, that would be added to occasionally or visited sometimes by a passing notable. I must say, in retrospect, that there was not enough sincerity as equal members of a responsible circle. I hosted and maintained a whole envelope of communication and supportive materials. Don't know how everybody remained so passive in light of how beautiful the opportunity was, but maybe it was different times, even though not that long ago. Or maybe people aren't ready even now. Or maybe it just wasn't the right people.

I think you're right about going on from Lex rather than using him as gospel. He too was evolving, so now we'll be that evolution.

Beth San Juan (sanjuan5@pixi.com)

Bismillah ir-Rahan ir-Rahim

Aloha! Suzanne and all friends of Lex Hixon, thank you for this beautiful forum. So happy to find Mighty Companions. I lead the Jerrahi Dervish circle in Honolulu, which was started by Lex/Nur when he passed through on his way to India, 12/92. He made me a circle of one. Since his passing, the circle here is blossoming, under the help and visits of Murshida Amina of Mexico City (Lex's dear friend in this lineage). Count me in!

Doug Berch (dberch@voyager.net)

It is fascinating to see how Lex, who I know as Nur, gave to others outside of the form (Sufism) in which I primarily knew him. I always felt that there was much more to him than he ever made obvious.

This I believe was one of his teachings across the board of all the traditions he practiced; we don't go anywhere or become anything other than what we already are. This is my take on it...not his words.

I know of a woman who met Sheik Nur at a zhikr, in the persona of a Sufi teacher. Her experience of meeting him inspired her to embrace Buddhism. She did not know that Nur was also Buddhist, but she felt she had met a bodhisattva, and this inspired her towards the Buddhist path.

My personal sense is that Nur, by being truly non-dualistic, embodied the fullness of completion. People could see the reflection of their personal conceptions of God, master, teacher etc., because it was all there in him.

"Reason is Powerless in the Expression of Love" Rumi

Gregory Blann (GrBlann@aol.com)

I definitely want to keep this flame of unity alive and growing. May our love and realization continue to reach new levels within the essential Self, whose amazing projection it is. May [Lex's] spirit be ennobled to new heights (or depths) of this cosmic experience. And may Divine blessings and fulfillment be with the beautiful lover, Suzanne, the advocate for unity here and now.

Joanne Overstreet (bugbug@mindspring.com)

I would like to express my appreciation for your web site in memory of Lex Hixon. I have been a devoted reader of his books and truly feel he was a very special person and a blessing to our world. I am currently enjoying his book, Great Swan, which I have reread several times and it always gives me inspiration.


I shared paths with Lex, from Aurobindo through Chinmoy to Muzaffer Ozak to Guru Bawa, and it is in my opinion that he never really wanted to be special, yet he naturally drew down some jealousy from his inferiors and he maintained himself well...

On 7/28/98, Suzanne Taylor wrote to nondualist@yahoo.com:

Who are you? You've linked to me. Have a look at a speech I'm working on, if you will.

Sivadas (nondualist@yahoo.com)

The speech was good. The Mighty Companions appears to be a fine organization. I hope you don't mind the link on the nonduality page. Lex Hixon had some valuable things to say on the subject.

All in illusion and play.

I like your email address.

There are five teachers of non-duality doing intensives in Los Angeles on the same weekend in August. We are watching to see if it turns into dueling non-dualists.

Lex was the non-duality king, a holy mischief maker. I stand on his shoulders, calling a new game into play. Got any good formats? How about saying something about the speech that will help spark conversation that I can put in our bulletin board? Am hoping to supply a meeting place.

Dueling non-dualists hee, hee, hee =).

The speech was exactly right. All is happening at the right time, perfectly. Your role as a conduit for this is inspiring. In the flash of relinquishment of duality nothing need be said. Until then keep placing the signposts that lead to the jumping off place.

Lyle Reimann (ltr1@classic.msn.com)

I apologize that this is not actual feedback on the content, but I would like to say that it is nice to see your work. I stumbled across your site by accident and was very pleased to see Lex Hixon's name. I have read Coming Home, and especially am glad to have known Lex for a brief time. I enjoyed a nice dinner at his home outside of New York city and had a really nice discussion similar to those you describe. Another one of my experiences that I will always treasure was going to an Islamic worship service which was led by Lex in Newark, New Jersey. Those experiences were wonderful. I am happy that you help spread his wisdom. Peace, Lyle

Beverly Bright -- Haquiqa, Uma (William@laguna.com.mx)

I am so grateful to see this page. I was and remain an intimate friend and beloved of Lex's. I had the joy of being a very close friend and companion on the path of his and his family's since the early eighties. I met Lex through a devoted Ramakrishna devotee and teacher of Vedanta, a dear friend of mine whose name is Bob Kindler.

My long and deep relationship to Lex began when I was given the task of picking him up at the airport in Maui, where he and his family came to rest and visit. I had recently returned from an extended stay in India and was doing japa as I waited for his plane to arrive. I did not know what he looked like, yet I knew I would know him. Immediately upon his de-planing and the sharing of eyes, we became fully aware of a very long and deep connection between the two of us and he, without hesitation, swooped me up and said, "You are staying with me."

Immediately, he began my initiation into the divine mother by encouraging me in the most incessant "Lex" manner to consider changing my mantra to one of the Holy Mother's as opposed to the one I was using in honor of Lord Shiva. Without any hesitation, as if led by the One itself, I stayed with Lex and his family at their family home in Kula for most of their three week stay in Maui. After this visit, I was firmly rooted in the inspirational and intimate family of Lex Hixon. Bob Kindler and his lovely wife were there as well. Bob, being a professional songwriter and talented musician, led us through many profound devotional chants to Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother and others. I remember fondly that Lex and Sheila, his beautiful wife, were heavily involved with the Russian Orthodox church at the time, in New York City, and we would sit around and listen to tapes that he had brought with him of the magnificent choir that sang at the church he attended and be lifted to extreme heights of Ecstatic Union that can only be characterized as solely unique to a Lex-Hixon-state-of-being. His profound love for the Ecstasy of the One moved me so, so deeply. I, like him, was a participant of the Real in all traditions and there was no one like him for me anywhere on the planet. He gave me the first of two names at that time, Uma, which I haved used ever since, in additon to the name Haquiqa, which he gave me as well many years later at my initiation into his Sufi order.

I have felt his loss severely and know there will never be another Lex Hixon in my life. My personal moments with him are beyond count and beyond description in the deep meaning they had for me; they included so many profound moments with the great teachers like Kalu Rimpoche, sitting at the feet of other Buddhist masters, the zikyr he initiated me at into his Sufi order, sitting with him at the beach and talking of his latest book at the time on the Zen teachings, the consecration of my home...the soft moments, simple in nature and intensely intimate go on and on for me...they are countless and are of the most precious order of all thing in my life. I have mourned the death of Lex Hixon like I have mourned no other. I never got to say good-bye to him in the flesh, yet, 3 weeks after his death, he came to me during sleep and I felt his physical presence nudging me to notice he had come to see me and that he had something to tell me. What he told me was very private yet let me tell you this, Lex is alive and well on the other side. This I know. What I learned from Lex cannot be put into words very briefly or easily, as the lessons delve far into THE WAY TO BE here on this planet.

Lex modeled so beautifully how to see the beauty in all things at all times and to see them with Joy...to feel the Joy of being and to let others know, all the time, just how beautiful they truly are. It was the way he was. Thank-you for a chance for me to feel and be with Lex again. I think of him every day of my life, especially whenever I look at a huge building of concrete, placed somewhat, in my eyes, inappropriately on a beautiful Maui beach. He would smile at me and say, "Isn't it beautiful? Can you see the beauty and majesty in it???" That was Lex. I send all of you my love and profound thanks for honoring my beloved friend so beautifully.

In honor of Lex, Light and Love,

To say that your email letter touched me is an understatement. I could feel Lex basking with us in the wave you sent out. He had such a distinct vibration, and he left those of us who engaged with him as the bearers of it. As the days go by, I appreciate him more and more -- every time I get smarter, I recognize that Lex was there before me. He was masterful enough, I come to understand, not to act like he was better than us lucky souls who got empowered by his recognition.

I am very stoked to do a project about him. What if all the divine beings who loved him were collected in a volume that spoke to his relevance today?
Beverly Bright -- Haquiqa, Uma (William@laguna.com.mx)

It was so,so lovely hearing back from you and feeling your response to my e-mail. It became clear to me very quickly that you knew Lex at his depth as I felt him through your writings so, so clearly. To know and feel that Lex is alive and well in so many hearts does my heart good. I miss him so. It helps the hole that birthed in my heart with his passing. I am grateful beyond measure.

Your work is very inspiring to me. How did you come to be the expression if it? Are you inspired to do it? Where is it evolving to? Your speech moved me as well.

I send you both my heartfelt love and deep gratitude for speaking out in the name of All that is Right. I CAN and WILL imagine a gathering of all those who knew Lex. What an absolute Right Thing to have happen for the planet. If it comes together, I'll be there with bells on if Rightness permits it.

Anon (Anon@aol.com)

I was blessed with being brought into the stream of Lex'x gift to humanity through the presence of his Shaykh Muzaffer. In the time that I was in his radiant stream of realization, I came to know many paths and their particular 'taste' of the Truth. All were so very beautiful and meaningful at the level he brought me to in them, and this is a gift that I shall always cherish. The word 'HOME' has taken on new meaning in my heart, as I set out from his stream into a deeper self understanding of Unity. How can what he was or wasn't ever compete with the precious gift he turned me and so many others toward?

In Love and Peace, I say as I said to him then,

Thank you.

Kim Romano (kmhuston@volcano.net)

My husband, John Romano, was a friend of Lex's from about 25 years ago. He hadn't seen him since the early '80s and felt the desire to make contact with him again, so I did an Internet search that connected me with your web page. Lex had a very profound influence on John's life. He met Lex in Hawaii in '73 or '74 and they spent time together in Maui and Santa Barbara in the late '70s and early '80s. They shared many friends in Santa Barbara at that time. He also visited Lex and Sheila at their home in New York many times. John has often spoken very affectionately about Lex. He told me that Lex did more than any other man he personally knew to shape his 'spiritual' views.

Both John and I have studied many teachings, but are not locked into any one. We try to learn from everything. There are basic underlying truths in all belief systems/religions and they all hold wonderful insights. We are both very familiar with the works of Castaneda, Seth/Jane Roberts and Abraham-Hicks, all of which say basically the same things, only with different words and different means. All is one - that is, very basically, the way I understand non-dualism, too (the term is new to me, but the concept has long been embraced). John has far more knowledge in other areas than I do, such as Vedanta, TM, Buddhism, etc.

Your website is wonderful. I enjoyed reading about non duality and the Herringbone Project.

You two sound wonderful. I would love to be your friend. Lex had a particular vibration that those who loved him carry, too. Every time I get a whiff of another Lex friend, I feel it. So much so that I'm going to do a Lex book. Will look to people who knew Lex for contributions. You could ask John. Any length. Especially about how he sees Lex as relevant today. I also see hosting get-togethers of Lexites, and I'll invite you!

I love talking about Lex, and have thought about Lex-dialogue, where we compare notes, waking up the world.

Steven Waring (stevenw@stn.net)

Reading the Non-dual Awareness discussion, there was an immediate connection; so much so that I wrote this in my journal:

And now that feeling returns with greater strength, greater clarity.
The body that I find myself in is just the physical means
Of creating physically, physically creating - a focus of attention.

Implied is, for this moment, that "I" am the world, physicality is the means by which.....

This one life is a feeling of participation, co-operation, discovery, expansion and service.

Looking for like minds in the Toronto, Ontario area. Loved your communication. My picture is that we succumb to an essential knowing when the invocation is on pitch. Lex had a rare capacity to strike the right note. Am always looking to make more of this energy in the world. You catching it from me is thrilling. Pass it along!
Karima Aisha Nur Bushnell (bushnell@freenet.msp.mn.us)

Salaams and love to all. I am another dervish, student, and (hopefully) loving beloved of the irreplacable, inimitable being who was called Lex Hixon. Before I met him, I had been on "the Path" since age 5 and searched within several forms and world religions, particularly Bhakti Hinduism and non-Islamic Sufism (Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society). Home turned out to be Islam, into which Sheikh Nur lovingly initiated me in 1993. Like a lot of you, I loved his complexities, mysteries and human quirks as well as his expansive joy, love, light and energy. He also seemed to see right down to the souls of those he touched. He made us more ourselves by really knowing us -- more deeply than our parents, lovers or best friends. Like one of the respondents above, I had sweet visits from him after his passing, and sometimes I feel his presence subtly. But I miss him so much!!! Yet in times of joy and achievement (he seems to like me to achieve things) I feel him very clearly.
I so relate to all of what you say. I feel likewise. Lex was a class act. A one of a kind. I keep envisioning carrying on a sort of movement in the world as he would have moved, rabble rouser for the One that he was, so he is always alive in me. But I miss the excitement of him, too. No one is as thrilling to spend time with, and I feel unstimulated in the most basic way now. I am always looking for what could come next to match him. Putting Lex out on this Web site was a probe for finding more Lex energy. I haven't activated the site as the meeting place I can envision, where all the great minds who loved Lex join with the throng of people he inspired -- I need some financial support to do the big job that that could be. A conversation for Oneness. Before he got sick, the form we were working on was "Celebrations of the Human Spirit," which we were doing in the living room and envisioned taking to stadiums.

A current thought is to do a book in homage to Lex. In Coming Home, Lex describes Ramana Maharshi as the Einstein of spirituality, who took the quest for the divine to another level. I see the possibility of Lex being seen as another turning point figure. With many different costumes, he was a model for the idea of the singleness of the One. My plan is to have the luminaries who loved Lex, as well as others whom he touched, all write something. The current working title is, "Tracks to the One."

Know that I am always looking to Lex-up the world, and am open to whatever anybody might want to do in that regard. I welcome everyone's thoughts and ideas.

Michela Zanchi, (mzanchi@earthlink.net)

So much in your website is close to home for me -- close to my heart and my purpose. You are a brave soul. I loved reading your mission statements. You are candid, direct and real. I felt tuned inside just by reading your words, as if I were reading mine -- as if we all share the same hidden knowledge, the same consciousness, and we just remember it more and more, in solitude and through others. It is all about remembering, clearing our minds, letting it all flow through the heart, letting the brain do its work that way, so we can channel knowledge-spirit in its purest form, wholeness and oneness, which is possibly close to what we call unconditional love. I loved Lex Hixon's last interview and letter to you. My friend married Lex's brother, but I never had a chance to meet him. I told them about you and gave them your Website address.

Yes, there is a vibration, isn't there! It is unmistakable. Then what? How to come together for the pleasure of being with one's own? I make up whole projects just for this mighty companionship.

How fascinating that you have a Lex connection. Mine is still alive for me -- like Lex is part of me now. I'm in the process of beginning an anthology that would be dedicated to him. I'd appreciate any help along these lines.

mpjamell@mind.net, Ashland, Oregon, USA

Beloved Ones,

I met Sheikh Nur [Lex] at a Haj retreat in Portland, Oregon and this week changed my life. I am a sheikha in the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society (Murshid "Sufi Sam's" order) and have been a long term mureed of sufism. I attended this retreat with much pain in my heart. I had been refused admittance to juma prayers in our town, as there were no other women. I felt separation and pain at this fundamentalist refusal. All was healed in the week of the Haj retreat. The spirit of Allah brought to me an ongoing dream as I was taught to make Salat five times a day. I shared this dream with Lex Hixon and felt as though held in the arms of the Divine Mother/Father/Friend. The love of the beautiful dervishes from Turkey, Mexico City, New York City, Kentucky and Colorado stays with me still. Sheikh Nur left his body on November 1st, which is my wedding anniversary, and I am blessed to have had such a beautious being to learn such lessons of love with. I feel remiss at losing touch with the dervishes who that week become heart/life-long friends. As-salaam waleikum.

Sweet Lady, your heartfuless is easily felt. It's that "Lex thing" that happens to people who've met him. He was defining new rules for sacred space. Welcome to the thought field of Lex. Follow The Conversation, and give us some points of view.
Bill Mitnick (litenews@exit3.com

I read your page a couple of years ago. I printed out most of it. I think it is wonderful that you dedicated part of your site to Lex. What do you think he would be doing right now? What would his perspective be regarding Y2K?

"We aspire to experience the completeness at the core of consciousness and to think and act only out of that completeness, that non-duality... Regardless of perceived suffering, there is spiritual plentitude right before our eyes, not only for some elite but for the people as a whole, for conscious life as a whole. We consider this to be an egalitarian and ecological attitude." -- Lex.
Read the Lex Interview where he talks about the necessity to pay attention to both the "relative" and the "ultimate" levels of reality.

Aysha Nur Washburn Lapalme (ayshanur@hotmail.com)

It is through encouragement from my husband (he's the one who searched for and found this Website) that I write to you. The grief that I still feel at the loss of my teacher/friend and beloved brother has kept me from reaching out. I am am gladdened by what I have found here. Lex remembered me from the time I was four or five years old. Our fathers grew up together in Pasadena. His brothers played with mine. His parents are close to me and mine. My father joined Lex on Nov 11th, 1997, so they are now closer than ever, guiding me with their love. When Lex and I were reunited as adults, it was with great joy. He became my teacher and initiated me as a dervish, giving me the name Aysha. From the beginning he called me a "Muslim woman" and I continue to this day to try and understand that within the frame work of his meaning. After his death, Kaan and Aishagul Erdal gave me the honor of his name "Nur". Lex/Nur continues to lead me to good teachers, but no one can replace the deep and intimate relationship that I had with him. I feel blessed that someone from my childhood should be the one who has had such a profound affect on my spiritual growth which continues in many ways and forms with Lex/Nur as a role model.

It is always heartwarming to be discovered by a Lex lover. The outpouring all has a ring to it that this special man evoked in many people.

I am looking to fashion life-after-Lex with some major work to carry on his passionate longing for oneness. I feel like he and I have blended now, with me being the one who can talk.

Ted (Anim0n@aol.com) Operation Soulsee

Many moons ago, at a Jungian Conference, I met Lex. He was standing at a table loaded with books. I purchased his Coming Home. In it, he wrote:

"May the Divine Mother
in all Her forms
and as the clear light
continue to protect you
and illumine you
in all ways
on all levels.

What can I say?
Ruth Cox, Association of Transpersonal Psychology

What you are doing with Mighty Companions is wonderful! Lex Hixon's work is central to my teaching at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, how lovely that you were able to work with him.


I am a humble dervish from Sheik Nur's (Lex Hixon's) circle in New York. I came upon your beautiful site while looking for information about Lex, and would like to extend my love and well-wishes to you as a co-worker. We are the amorphous new group of world servers, and in love and fellowship I extend praise and gratitude for your work towords that end which benefits us all. Be Blessed.
Jim Dreaver (http://www.jimdreaver.com)

Surfed onto your site via the Nonduality Salon. I loved the interviews with Lex Hixon (what a cool dude he was!) and Richard Moss, who was an important teacher of mine 1980-82. In 1984 I met Jean Klein, and his influence was, literally, mind blowing. I am an author, healer, and speaker (or at least that's what this body/mind does!) and wanted to let you know about my new book, THE WAY OF HARMONY: Walking the Inner Path to Balance, Happiness, and Success (Avon Books), which fuses spiritual East with practical West. A taste .....

"Enlightenment is seeing that you are not your story. The world you've created inside your head doesn't really exist, except as a fabrication in your mind." (p 5)

"Don't get so bound up in words and concepts that you get mentally constipated." (p 42)

"Beauty is love made visible." (p 82)

"Humanity will come together when everyone practices the religion of the heart." (p 85)

"The master knows that he or she is always a student, whereas the student still hopes someday to be a master." (p 114)

"Love is the desire to understand another." (p 125)

"If more people realized what a beautiful relationship they could have with themselves, they wouldn't remain in unfulfilling relationships." (p 149)

"Don't complain. Complaining only reinforces the feeling that you're a victim. It disempowers you." (p 159)

"You access extraordinary power when you take a stand." (p 167)

"No one can compete with you when you're being yourself." (p 171)

"If you can shape it in your mind, you will find it in your life." (p 175)

"Develop the consciousness of life's fundamental goodness and abundance first, and then the money can come to you." (p 203)

"Honor the past, keep an eye on the future, but stay firmly grounded in the present." (p 225)

"When you bring a clear and loving consciousness to your relationships, your work, and your creative endeavors, miracles happen." (p 246)

"The proof that you're on the right path is that living starts to become more effortless." (p 251)

You can view the cover (stunning artwork, rich in both Eastern and Western spiritual motifs)--and read more, if you wish--by clicking on my website.

It is so delicious to meet oneself in another. I love all your quotes and everything on your Web site. Did you see the material about Yukio on mine? An Advaita teacher sent out by Papa-ji, the hour I spent with him guiding me to my core insight, as you would say, gives me the touchstone to know that I'm not in and out of awareness. I'm sometimes ruffled, but am watching from a place that never changes. I had the idea way before -- back to Jean Klein -- but the shift into it came during that hour with Yukio.

Lex was a one of a kind. Since he left, I've never been able to fill the hole, and feel like I must be here to deliver some continuation of him. He was a major being, and being looked in the eye by such a one -- even told, "you lead," because it was time for the feminine -- was another big piece for me coming into myself.

The one thing I didn't see on your site was mention of the value we represent to one another. Not time for cave dwelling As happened for me with Lex, the recognition of each other is fuel for the recognition of ourselves. As my teacher of the Wisdom, Bailey style, used to say, "You can't go to God alone anymore; you have to go in a group." A bit dramatic, but even as it is our personal responsibility to wake ourselves up, I think we were not put here to take the journey alone. Hence "mighty companions." How we merge our fields is not obvious in this world acculturated to separation, and I'm always looking for ways and means.
[For more conversation between Jim Dreaver and Suzanne, visit our "Conversations About Being Awake" site.]

Rael One Cloud (http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/Delta/1327)

I just found this page about Sheikh Nur (Lex Hixon). I used to go to the mosque back in the 80's, and took hand with the order then. I was still in college. Nur was always amused by what we had to say. The little adolescent-twenty-something-drama-queen searching I'd done for "the truth", through drugs, through various types of religions (Catholicism, Wicca, Shinto, Hinduism). I think maybe I began to see there are no shortcuts to nirvana. I was in Vermont when we heard of his passing. But, unlike the death of my grandmother and other people's deaths I had experienced, I was never really sad for him. I guess I always assumed if anyone knew their way through the afterlife, it would be Lex!

Thomas J. Hurley (tjhurley@chaordic.org)

I love this statement from Lex: "A coalition already exists in spirit. It is coming together now in the social context by the attraction of its unconventional intelligence and compassionate form of high-mindedness. This natural coalition is drawn together by the recognition that the elevation of consciousness is our fundamental life work. This is a genuinely democratic, self-organizing force, flowing through persons of all descriptions. This force does not flourish as any highly structured form. It is not an institution or a foundation or a non-profit company or anything conventionally named. This coalition is a living organism -- natural, wild, free. It is made up of individuals devoted to serving the world and developing themselves as finely tuned instruments of service. They learn to gather in the energy of will-to-good, from which authentic goodwill flows out subtly to the entire world."
Warm regards,

Angela Shams (Angelashmsk@aol.com)

I don't really know who I'm writing to, but. I just introduced myself to Lex Hixon's work yesterday. Something really interesting happened. But first let me tell you about myself. I am a Muslim, who sees the true beauty of Islam for what it is. To me a Muslims is one who Believes and Loves Allah. Who remembers Allah in everything in he or she does. I am a Philosophy of Religion student. Allah has been in my life as far as I can remember. I always felt a little different than other people; I was just more aware of the truth, in every day life. I love knowledge and I love to learn it. I want to help people get closer to Allah, because to me that means their happiness. Like I said, God has worked in my life. Sometimes I felt crazy. It was unreal to me that God worked in my life this much. Then I realized it was reality and that is the truth. I would get visions of life before they would happen -- not all the time, but sometimes. And I had one a month ago. I wasn't sure what it was then -- I just thought it was a dream, which I didn't understand. Which was fine, we all dream. But it stuck out to me; I remembered it. I dreamt that there was this older man who was my teacher, my mentor in life, the person I looked up to. I remember he made me really happy, but in my dream he died. I remember how sad I was, I was crying so hard, I lost him. I had no idea who this man I saw was. I just remember I really loved him as my teacher and friend. Anyways, yesterday I was done with my prayer and I looked to my side and I saw this book on my table, "The Heart Of The Koran." I grabbed it and started reading it. It was so unreal in a way, that this men who was talking about Islam viewed it just like I do. It's what I want to teach people in my own way. Funny thing is I had this book for 6 months now, and I have had it on this table and never touched it. I never put it away with the other books; I just for some reason left it there. Anyways, I was so inspired by his words, I went to the internet and typed his name. I found this web site and I saw this man in the picture, and this was the man in my dream. This chill over came my body. I read more about him and saw more of his pictures -- I knew I was not mistaken. There were two other signs telling me that I wasn't wrong. I doubt myself sometimes, I don't want to ever go beyond God, if that makes sense. Anyways, I'm trying to find out all about him. I have never researched a person like I have with this man in my dream. I love everything he says and has done. You might think that I am crazy, but I know it was him. He is my teacher, he is a part of my journey in life to bring people closer to Allah. I do believe I have a calling in this life, In sah Allah. I guess this is one of my strongest feelings yet and I wanted to share. Salaam ala kuhum.

Gregory Blann (Blanngsc@cs.com)

Hi Suzanne,

Several years ago we discussed the ins and outs of the Mighty Companions during Lex's time and I believe you mentioned that Lex took exception to someone in the group's advocacy of drugs as part of the spiritual path, but you did not mention their identity. The relevancy of this is that I have written an extensive book on Sufism, the Turkish (Halveti-Jerrahi) line and its transmission to America, "The Garden of Mystic Love, " which includes a chapter on Lex Hixon and his involvement with the Jerrahi Order and also speaks a little about Lex's more pluralistic and ecumenical tendencies. The following paragraph mentions his association with Mighty Companions:

"When he (Lex) spent time in Los Angeles during this period, he was frequently engaged in an ongoing, informal ecumenical dialogue, under the auspices of Mighty Companions, which created forums which included such respected authors in the field of consciousness as the late Willis Harman (of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) and the late Terence McKenna. The group, brought together by transformational activist Suzanne Taylor, met as a community of mature human souls without imposing any particular religious or ideological boundaries. Closer to home, Nur was involved with a group in Woodstock, New York, whose discussions focused on non-duality."

Comment: I've heard a number of interviews with Terence before his passing, and felt very positive about where he was coming from. However, I wondered if he was the individual to whom you had alluded, and if so, whether it would be better not to associate a famous individual with Lex with whom he might not have wanted to be linked. (I hope you see what I mean). For my purposes, I simply wanted to mention a few recognizable names in the group. Any comments about this or the content of the paragraph itself? I'm glad to see the web site is still going strong. A site that features my artwork and web design services is Blann Gallery Home page .
Hi Greg --
I like your artwork. I used to paint -- post impressionist. Had a one-woman show. I miss it, but life's gotten noisy -- not enough quiet time to make pretty pictures. Terence wasn't the one. It was someone from the Alice Bailey camp who didn't want to be associated with anyone whose path included substance. That wasn't a problem for Lex.

Dorothy Lear (Dorothylear@wmconnect.com)

Suzanne -

I've been pouring over your 'Conversations' website this morning. I have it bookmarked.

I just wanted to add that i treasure a note i once received from Lex Hixon. In my ardent seeker days i once spent 5 years as a member of a Vedanta community that Lex Hixon enjoyed.

People feel that way about notes from Lex. This world could sure use him now. He could explain to everyone how beautiful the Sufi heart of Islam is.
Paul Nugent (paul@aetherius.org)

Greetings, It seems "what goes around comes around!" Love, Paul.
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 01:08:11 -0700
>From: michael mathias > [sent to his list, withlinks]
> LexScape
>A cyberspace memorial to Lex Hixon
>"Lex Hixon was a pioneer in the spiritual renaisssance in America over
>the last four decades." Allen Ginsberg
> "We are not waiting, with hope or with fear, for some future
>evolution, of humanity or progress of history, for we know without
>doubt that the essential completeness, or freedom, longed for by all
>conscious beings, always exists here and now. Regardless of perceived
>suffering, there is spiritual plentitude right before our eyes, not
>only for some elite but for the people as a whole, for conscious life
>as a whole."
>LEX HIXON (1942-1995)
>Listen to Lex in conversation with Georgia Lambert in the Mighty
>Companions living room in 1992: A Conversation About True Power
>"What you are doing with Mighty Companions is wonderful! Lex Hixon's
>work is central to my teaching at the Institute of Transpersonal
>Psychology, how lovely that you were able to work with him!"
>Ruth Cox, Association for Transpersonal Psychology
>Lex is mentioned on the following broadcasts of Suzanne Taylor's
>WebRadio show, Making Sense of These Times:
>Split Mind and Whole Mind
>Favorite Dreams for the New Millennium
>Sisterly Schmoozing About Women and Courage
>Who Am I? Talking with Poonja-ji
>Mighty Companions interviews Lex
>Vedantic Light, written by Lex
>Lex leads a discussion about Non-Dual Awareness
>Lex participates in the Mighty Companions Herringbone Project
>Lex's reflections on the Herringbone Project
>If you would like to offer your perspectives on the work of Lex Hixon,
>or reflections regarding non-dual awareness, please post your comments
>on our Feedback Form. We post a running commentary on our Bulletin
>Board and welcome your continuing interest in our Web site.
>I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful tribute. Lex was, and
>still is, a great insiration in my life. He remains, even in his
>passing from this world, a powerful guide.
>Anni Paisley (paisleywitch@hotmail.com) >

Mahima Parrish (mahimakp@yahoo.com)

Subject: in Grace dear suzanne, i would love to detail the wonders of this journey...and finding Lex Hixon, now on two very wonderous occasions...yet i will just write for now my question. In Mr. Hixon's book COMING HOME....at the end, in an autobiography, it was said that Mr. Hixon had been involved in Eastern Orthodoxy for the past 12 years, and that he was working on a book. I did not know, until i read the website, that Mr. Hixon left his physical form in 1995. I wonder if he published anything about Eastern Orthodoxy or whatever it was that he was working on at the time of his transition. Any information that you might be able to provide me with would be so greatly appreciated...

Thank you so much...

In Love, Light, and with great respect,


Suzanne Taylor (suzanne@mightycompanions.org) wrote: The wondrous Lex never did any book about Eastern Orthodoxy, and I don't think he was working on anything at the time of transition, which came at the end of a year or so of illness. However, it seems he had some intention to do such a book, according to Cassia Berman, with whom he worked closely, who wrote this after his passing: . This is from that piece: "...in 1983 Lex and Sheila entered a formal, three-year period of study of the mystical theology of the Eastern Orthodox Church at St. Vladimir's Seminary in Crestwood, NY, and sacramentally joined its congregation, which they continued to attend until his passing. Lex made a pilgrimage to the monasteries on Mount Athos in Greece in 1983; the unfinished manuscript based on the journal he kept while he was there was to have been his next book project."

Dear Suzanne, thank you so much for your response and assistance. I have been graced with great darshan of Lex while reading both THE GREAT SWAN and COMING HOME...as i was raised in a western judeo-christian background....i was lead to be inititated with a great Eastern Teacher and have served and been her devotee for many years. Recently, after years of service and major health challenges, i have been 'called' home to where my family lives....and have also been called to the mysteries of the Orthodox Church. There is a beautiful one near here...so i look forward to what unfolds. Mr. Hixon has helped me so much in the integration of ALL forms of God as ONE....and i am so grateful to him and to all who supported his work. May such an OPEN and universal understanding grow and grow in our world. Thank you again...and perhaps something will turn 'up' with that manuscript that never made it to book form.... WIth great love and respect to you,

Cassia Berman (cassia@netstep.net)

Subject: Re: FW: in Grace

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for forwarding this beautiful correspondence. I can feel how enthusiastically Lex would have begun a conversation about Eastern Orthoxy and all spiritual paths with this friend. As far as I know, the Eastern Orthodox ms. is too short to make a book, but hopefully some day it could be part of some longer collection of Lex's writings. Lex is smiling his luminous smile through each of us who passes on his writings. Last night I gave copies of "Mother of the Universe" (my favorite) to a documentary filmmaker from Bangalore and a professor from Stanford U., both female, who have been collaborating on a travelling program of Kabir's poetry in song.

Love and blessings,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Lex's energy was transformative to encounter, and it feels so nice to hear reflections of that. The world could use our Lex now, with his profound understanding of what you put so well: "the integration of ALL forms of God as ONE."

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