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THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

Eighth Gathering
December 3, 1994

Lex: I would think maybe this circle would get us to depths that even psychedelic or religious experiences have a hard time getting to. Maybe it could be done in a circle like this with the right kind of awareness, so that it would take us out of the intellectual field. Not that we wouldn't have access to every part of reality, but that might be one of the deepest, most fundamental things that a circle can do.

Our circle could give an interpretation of the rage in contemporary society. We could interpret it as the sense of self-imposed separation. That would mean our understanding of non-duality could be therapeutic to the society in different ways.

Tom: When a topic lands on the table, it seems to some folks it might be voted up or down. Suzanne, you used a word like "verboten." To me, nothing's verboten at all. I'd like to get all that sort of stuff out of our consciousness, and then just look at things.

Lex: Non-duality is not the same as oneness. It's not the same as a sort of synthetic system. One of the finest fruits and flowers of our pluralistic modern civilization might be the discovery, or the rediscovery, of non-duality as the fundamental principle. Just as Einstein went beyond Newton, this would take us beyond religions and philosophies and even our principles of our society. Even nationalism -- the principles that have happened in modern history which have been so harmful. We're in the face of something very profound and very elusive. Indefinability rests at the basis. In Greek it's called the apophatic -- you never even can say anything about the essence. In this case, you can never say anything about non-duality; it's indescribable, yet you use metaphors all the time.

Tim: We're in a playground here of learning how to traverse in this very diverse way. If we can do that, it becomes a seedpod for something that can be taken out and replicated somewhere else. It's an incredible, multi-dimensional universe we bring as we sit here.

David: Making a thing good or bad -- that's not it. Let's just expand ourselves to include and consider, to be mindful of, and to maintain equanimity of observance and observation, and fold anything in, whatever it is...

Tim: Staying engaged 100% of the time, trying to push for that God-mind connection all the time, being at Source and being in training is what it's about now. How do we get there? How do we stay there? How do we take other people there? How do we go together and navigate past all these other things we have to go through?

Tom: That's what Spiritual Politics is really about. Every interface is a political opportunity to sow the seeds of spiritualism and bring in the light. You don't have to go anywhere -- the grocery store, the cleaner, the gas station, with everybody you meet. There's a seed thought: "Agents of freedom in the outer world." That's what disciples are about.

David: I register the movement through us all expanding so incredibly -- the quantum fashion of the spirit of non-duality. I feel it happening faster and more pervasively than ever before. It's palpable to me. I walk into the gym and I swear to you, frequently there's a spiritual conversation going on in the locker room with two or three men. This wouldn't have happened five years ago.

Mary Carney: David, in addition to the fact there's a greater interest in it, you are playing a significant role. As you go out in your community, you are emitting a certain level of vibration and so forth, and that is in a kind of a way fertilizing this sort of thing. So you are a factor in this, making it possible to happen for other people.

Lex: Non-duality can be transmitted. You might ask, "In non-duality who is there to transmit to whom?" But that isn't the way non-duality works. It functions very differently from the way we might assume.

Tom: For who knows how long, the realms have been divided; the unseen world has been divided from the seen world. It was a great triumph of the forces of retrogression, in my lexicon. The thing I think we're all seeing that's coming is the re-emerging of the unseen world into view, into vision. It's happening everywhere. Just think of what it's going to do when the physicists stop thinking the material world is the only world, and start looking for the unseen world. It's going to restructure everything we know about. I've already stopped discriminating between meditation and my spiritual world. My life is my spiritual work. It's all one work.

The value of these kinds of meetings is they help give form to the things that are trying to come into existence. When we think about them and express them and formulate thoughts about them, we're actually pulling them out of the abstract realm and giving them bodies and making that available for the intelligentsia of the planet to reach and touch and start pulling into their plans and programs. These are very valuable things.

Seventh Gathering
November 20, 1994
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