Crop Circle Field Reports -- 2001

The crop circles are bringing us into the state where we see the universe as one, and it would behoove us to focus on their teaching. I like thinking of ourselves as students of this master intelligence before we are anything else. If the intelligence is what we think it is, that looks to me like what it would want of us. We all can humble ourselves in this place."
Suzanne Taylor

August 15, 2001
Crop Circle Update

Dear Friends,

I've been in England for two months, hosting the crop circle community and shooting a documentary, tentatively titled "Quest of the Croppies," with William Gazecki, Oscar nominated for "WACO: The Rules of Engagement." The film hopefully will convince people that something as unfathomable as what made Stonehenge and the Pyramids is in active play with us now, making crop circles. [Read a comment about our Tuesday evening magic from Michael Newark.]

My WebRadio show has a new entry. Itís an exchange I had for the film with farmer Polly Carson, who's a seminal character in these parts, and it will give you a sense of what's going on here. Here's some of what Polly had to say:

"The crop circles have to be the most transformational thing happening in the world today. Isn't it interesting how mankind turns her back on it? The most amazing thing that's ever happened to the world and we treat it with such disrespect."

"Hoaxing doesn't explain the phenomenon. If hoaxing offered an answer to what goes on in our fields, year in and year out, then o.k., but it doesn't. These things are happening all over the world. They've been documented since the 70's. You're talking 30 years. These hoaxers were kids. Who was doing them then? We've had formations for 10 years. Are you telling me every summer for 10 years people have been going out night after night after night making formations? I mean, it doesn't make any sense, does it? And where do they practice? There's never a half finished one -- no mistakes -- that just doesn't make sense. Saying that people have been going out for years and years all over the country, all over the world, I mean, how many people are we talking about? And what kind of obsession have they got? They go out in rain, in all weather, in crops like oilseed rape that stinks and covers you in yellow. Itís horrible to be in. It just doesn't make any sense."

If you are new to crop circles, or want links to what's been landing in the fields here, go to my crop circle page.

This beauty appeared recently in Cambridge (click on the picture for more information):

Steve Alexander, copyright 2001

I was in this one yesterday, when it was brand new and flew over it today (click on picture for more information):

Peter Sorensen, copyright 2001

Called "Milk Hill (2)" for it's location in the landscape, this may be the biggest one ever -- the length of 2 football fields -- and is made up of over 400 separate circles.

After my third visit to southern England last year, I decided to come for the whole summer this year. The crop circle research community has been beleaguered by hoaxers and the lack of agreement about how much they do and what to do about it, and has had no milieu in which to address differences or exchange ideas. I came to provide a meeting place. This email we received from Cathy Smiles will give you a sense of how it's going:

"Your group sessions are the most positive thing I have seen in the crop circle world in the three years I've been a part of it. What you are doing is amazingly positive and I thank you for it. In my personal opinion if the crop circles are here to show us anything, then it is about how we, the human race, deal with each other and communicate - it highlights perfectly the problems experienced by the rest of the world in business/ relationships, etc. You are the first person who seems to have latched on to this and done something positive to change it around. Of course, as with all things you will meet some resistance, but this should only serve to spur you on and strengthen your resolve...what a fantastic opportunity you have created for us all. I feel truly blessed to be able to be a part of it..."

David Haith sent this out to our circles listserve after he attended the first gathering:

"Now a few pounds (money) lighter and a few pounds (weight) heavier after double portions of Suzanne's apricot-pudding-to-die-for at the Saturday night gathering, I'm writing to tell you it was not only dessert you all missed by staying at home. These visiting Yankee gals provided a wonderful venue - a converted barn - for a relaxed sharing of views and dreams. The cameras were whirring and we all spent the next night wondering what we'd said that was important enough - or embarrassing enough - to feature in a crop circle movie. This electronic group thing is pretty marvelous but can never replace close encounters of the croppie kind! The only disadvantage perhaps is that anybody who thought I was a 26 year old hunk, now knows I'm a 59 year old granddad! But nobody had asked for a date following my email allure! so what the heck! But seriously...I'm sure Suzanne would agree that there's something about personal contact which nudges away from the kind of tussles one can get with email discussions. It's something about having more respect for the person you disagree with, when you're with them there in the flesh and can appreciate them as a divine being regardless of any differences you may have. Thanks so much Suzanne and Company for such a wonderful evening."

The "Company" is Kim, my assistant for the past 14 years and the designer of this website, and Gail Bates, Madam X of the Human Being Society.

May you be charmed and stimulated by the miracle in our midst,


[For the comments we received on the above communication,
visit Suzanne's Webradio interview with Polly.]


August 29, 2001

There has been a startling development in the crop fields -- a formation which is a response to a 1974 transmission from the Arecibo radio telescope, that Carl Sagan helped design, which was sent out looking for extraterrestrial life, and a face right next to it, which presumably is what the sender looks like. The face is a unique style of circle artistry, resembling half tones which produce the sense of a painting, rather than a pattern made from crops being laid down. Inside the formation it is impossible to get any idea of what it is, which only can be seen from the air. There is no discernible way for anyone on Earth to have executed this formation (click on the pictures for more information).

[If you become a member of the Crop Circle Connector (the crop circle website on which everyone can track the current year but only members can access the archives), you also can visit the page which describes the formation that was in the same field last year and is built into this year's pattern, with this prior event obviously delivered in preparation for this year's formation. (We wholeheartedly support membership in this invaluable, under-funded enterprise.)]

The Milk Hill formation, to which I previously directed you, perhaps got the world's attention so that everyone would be watching when these were delivered. The word "contact" is being heard -- that this is what the world has been waiting for.

"Arecibo is on the northern coast of Puerto Rico and contains a natural disc-shaped hole in the rock. Inside this bowl was constructed the world's largest radio-telescope, with a diameter of 1000 feet. In 1974 a number of modifications had been carried out to the transmitter, enabling it to broadcast signals at a power of up to 20 terawatts (1 terawatt = 1 trillion watts) and as an inaugural test of these improvements it was decided to transmit an encoded message to the heavens."

For a full report about the response in the crop field, read my good friend Paul Vigay's in depth report. In fact, I'd used my cell phone to tell Paul how to get to where I was after having scoured the fields in the area to finally find the formations.

This is an email that went out from Paul:

"If you visit my database, I've uploaded a couple of scanned images showing the similarity. The only difference is in the depiction of the 'human,' the 'solar system' and the Arecibo telescope itself.

"In order to decode the pattern you need to be aware of the original code and also factorizing prime numbers in a way that a sufficiently intelligent race would understand - i.e.. the decoding key needs to be self-referencing and self-evident. It's complex, yet elegant and simple once you understand the encoding method.

"The entire grid is formed by the multiplication of two prime numbers and transmitted at a specific frequency so as not to get confused with the thermal RF background of the Earth or other terrestrial RF interference."

When I asked Paul how he got so smart, he had this to say:

"I wouldn't call myself smart. It can actually be solved with a bit of lateral thinking -- which is probably how it was designed in the first place. Don't forget that any communication with another race can't be tied into our communication perceptions. We need to 'speak' from a totally new viewpoint and level of understanding.

"Binary is about the simplest of codes. It's Yin Yang, on or off, male or female, negative or positive, something or nothing, 1 or 0. Once you can think in terms of binary then the whole world can have a different perspective.

"Quite fascinating, which is why I spent some time thinking about it (whatever the origin of the formation). Again, it just serves as another facet of crop circles inspiring the quest for knowledge and teaching us something new."

(You can read another good Arecibo report by Brian L. Crissey, Ph.D. here: The Chilbolton Code Analysis)

The bad news is the response from SETI, the government's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which dismissed the possibility of the formation being a genuine answer to a signal it had sent out. Their response ends with this: "Bottom line? The crop circles are decorative, but not informative. We can expect better from true extraterrestrial intelligence."

Here are excerpts from an email Paul sent out in response to SETI.

SETI issued an official response to the Chilbolton crop formation. It's fairly predictable, but at least they took the time to write something....

Perhaps the aliens received our original message and said "That's a silly cartoon image. We can expect better from true human intelligence"?

I think SETI are being extremely arrogant to be judging ET intelligence based on our own limited understanding of the cosmos. Humans always think that they know best. I think ET is intelligent to know NOT to reply directly to SETI or the government, thus what better way to communicate with *everyone* than something everyone can see, appreciate and research in their own ways?

This news report was brought to you by the news service. This is a free service dedicated to sharing news and events related to crop circles and related phenomena. For more information, please visit
A friend of mine, who's a mover and shaker in Los Angeles, sent this letter to SETI in response to their statement:

Your comments about the crop circles remind me of the smart-ass college snotnoses who are not nearly as intelligent as they believe themselves to be. The comments are in fact offensive to your own mission, which presumably is an open-minded exploration of the matters of intelligent life in the universe. The tone of smug certainty is itself evidence you are not doing your job, unless your job is not to really look. I would suggest that whoever wrote the official response to the August crop circle be replaced. Of course, if you who wrote the official response are the one reading this, we know what you will do with this message.

A bit of deeper direct research into the circles or direct experience would preclude the notion they are faked. The idea that you would use the few fakes to discredit the clear non-fakes is unseemly. The thought that intelligent life is not closer than 1.6 billion light years, perhaps very close, perhaps even here, or would have no way of intercepting the signal or knowing of its existence, is a prejudice, one that also precludes the potential of multi-dimensions - check string theory. The tone of conviction regarding the silicone, dna and shape of the possible non-terrestials does not come from a serious mind. A serious mind might at least entertain the notion that some form of intelligence wanted to provide a response in this lifetime, perhaps doing so with a mind to not revealing from whence return radio signals came, perhaps because it did not want to direct the radio signals to the people who sent them if the mindset of those individuals was akin to that of the writer of the official response.

Shame on you for such nonsense.

And, by the way, I am neither a crop circle devotee nor partisan, and I am certainly not a UFO aficionado. I am simply someone who has found the vast bulk of the circles to be a majestic and beguiling mystery, and certainly authentic (not made by the few faker wise guys in snow shows or Russians with hammers), and I am looking for intelligent discussion and clarity, not sneering propaganda.

It pisses me off you turn out to be propagandists. I truly hope someone gets fired.

The undercurrent everyone has heard for a long time now is that our government has been in contact with aliens for years -- deals with "greys" have been rumored since Eisenhower times. If this is the fact, SETI would have been set up as a sham -- we need not be searching for what we've already got. And it would explain SETI's remarkable lack of interest in any reply to a message it sent out. That no human agency can account for the crop field creation is what logically should have SETI's attention, rather than laughing off what came in on the grounds that a crop field was an unsuitable medium for an answer. Visit our conversation on the topic of crop circle disinformation for more.

What to do? What to do?


[For the comments we received on the above communication,
visit our Crop Circle Conversation page.]

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