Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

Sixth Gathering
October 22, 1994

"I thought Saturday's meeting was the best by far. I loved it. I loved the flow of ideas and energy and generosity of the spirit of all who were in attendance."

Les Sinclair on my answer machine.

In speaking about the afternoon, I'm sure everyone would start by talking about Georgia Lambert, who hosted us so exquisitely. Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, the house, the food, the art...you are beyond the beyond.

After a check-in round, answering unspoken questions of purpose to our lives, making suggestions for how to proceed, and talk about what happens to us in states of grace, we withdrew to a several hour food meditation (we'd said we would meditate after checking in) around Georgia's feast table. I would have sworn that I was in heaven if it hadn't been dimly lit.

I was impacted in the round by what David said about John Konstanturos. Earlier, David had told me that John closets himself with the management of a corporation for a few days to lay everything on the table that's unsaid until the whole organization works. I'd been thinking during the week about the power of that certainty. Then David shared a question John posed: "What if we've reached critical mass and are on the other side?" Working things out rather than thinking we are approaching are different energetics in the same way that making an organization work is different from making it better. Conversation is to be continued when Lex comes about his parry with Tom. We need to make distinctions about "the ageless wisdom" as proprietary to some particular point of view, visa vis being the wisdom of the ages that informs all points of view -- to take care of what is just semantics. "A variety of ray make-up," covers more territory. I found it interesting and illuminating that this wasn't engaged as a problem. Nobody wanted to take sides or fix anything. What goes on was dealt with as an intriguing element in our march toward oneness in consciousness. I liked a summary statement that in a true group all are learners on equal footing, with respect for each other's intelligence and wisdom.

We pined for a good story, where some new myth would hold the beautiful models we felt were coming forth. Could one be written intentionally, or does it have to magically emerge? In it, we would be moving into a new kind of consciousness, group consciousness, where we would be operating from goodwill and with the will to good. We know goodwill, but the will to good is new. Courage is needed. It is not the path of expedience.

IF YOU WEREN'T AT GEORGIA'S, TAKE NOTE. She gave us an exercise for alignment, where you bracket your day. The first words out of your mouth in the morning and the last at night define your basic service orientation. When we were given this exercise in Georgia's class, the suggestion was to say, "I am the soul within the body." Then, midday sometime, with eyes open, focus on the group for three minutes or so with the thought in mind that you are on watch at that time doing your service as part of the world discipleship to ground this energy of mutuality on earth. This starts as a point between the two ends of the day, and the idea is that starting out conscious of this feeling for that short time, you will have it for more and more time around that point, the watch spreading out of itself until it fills your whole awareness. We talked about impact we can make with our minds; this will be an experiment to see if anything that we can discern occurs.

A new wave of warriors is needed -- on the mental plane. Their meditations are for the benefit of humanity, not for personal development.

Our circle is a collection of skilled and developed persons -- there is a lot of soul-development. We need to knit a group, which is not figure-outable, but can be experienced. We can understand about it, basically knowing that it can't happen without trust and love, and then stay open to inspiration. P.S. Food for thought culled from all meetings of the Herringbone Circle so far.

Fifth Gathering
September 18, 1994
Dreaming Us Up.
Where are we headed?

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