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September 18, 2002

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May 23, 2002

There's nothing that gets me as excited as crop circles.

William Gazecki, Oscar nominated for "WACO: The Rules of Engagement," has written some musings about them that capture the fascination I have, and tell the story of how the documentary we are doing, "CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth," came to be.

As I struggle for the equilibrium that all of us yearn for, the only really hopeful thing to me – for which I feel luckier than most, because I am aware of a true possibility for a massive consciousness shift – is the impending understanding that could overtake humanity this summer, when our film hits theaters. Then, everyone will learn that we are being visited and signaled by another intelligence. One thing to note is that the last crop circle season ended in England last August with the arrival of a formation that researchers thought would be seen by the world as irrefutable "contact." This astonishing crop circle story is posted in my 2001 diary, and the follow-up to that startling development will be what I'll be reporting on here.

May 24, 2002
For those who think crop circles are manmade, here's an off beat refutation: a ghost image in 2002 crop of one of the beautiful 2001 formations – something mighty strange happens to the soil to have this occur... copyright Peter Sorensen, 2002
Peter Sorensen, 2002

May 28, 2002

For the most beautiful collection of crop circle photos I've seen, visit Cosmic Reflections. Hit "Steve Pattersons Crop Circles," and then keep hitting "next" for a real treat.

June 1, 2002

Walter Starck writes to us about our upcoming film.

This is the kind of conversation that makes my heart soar. An outstanding person "gets it," from seeing our movie materials, about crop circles – just what we hope the film will do for everyone. Some quotes from Walter Stark:

Yesterday I read about Crop Circles: Quest For Truth. As I read the piece [by director, William Gazecki], I began to feel something of the wonder, discovery and elation you describe in experiencing the actual phenomena...

Although the circles themselves are truly remarkable and inexplicable within the limits of our currently prevailing concept of reality; the human reaction to them is in some ways even more remarkable...There is nothing to indicate the circles are manmade nor even any conceivable way one might make them overnight, repeatedly, in various places all over the world, undetected and without trace...Inexplicable happenings that make people feel good is no story. A hoax accompanied by a bit of conflict and aggression is more what they are prone to report.

What really counts is the phenomena itself and especially its effect on and clear linkage with our own clearly has profound implications for our understanding of the real nature of our own being.

...they may be saying we are almost there; if we clean up our act, stop acting like juvenile brats and become worth knowing we may be invited to join the club. The reason SETI isn't finding a cacophony of intelligent transmissions and the solar system isn't overrun with vastly old and unimaginably advanced civilizations must be because vastly older and unimaginably more advanced civilizations than our own must not behave anything like we do.

Conquering, occupying, dominating, and controlling are only imperatives for the fearful. Discovering, fostering, and sharing are much more enjoyable.

June 4, 2002

I have a PowerPoint crop circle presentation, where I talk, accompanied by slides and video. It's the history of the phenomenon, from simple circles in cave paintings through the most recent phase, of much greater complexity, that started in 1989. I go into things like the symbology of the patterns, what authenticates the "real" ones, and the geometry used in their construction. As of the early 90s, a hoaxing and disinformation track developed, and I talk about what might account for it. And, I share speculations (and the audience participates with their thoughts) about the possible sources and the conceivable reasons for this penetration between dimensions, which could be our best hope to create an awareness of our oneness. I also tell about "CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth," a documentary for which I'm the Executive Producer, that will be coming to movie theaters in August. It's by William Gazecki, who got an Oscar nomination for "WACO: The Rules of Engagement." (FYI: We are blessed to be coming on the heels of a Disney fiction film with Mel Gibson, by the filmmaker who did "Sixth Sense," which will bring crop circles to the world's attention when it's released in August.) My Web site for the circles is

Here's a response I got to a presentation I made:

60 El Circulo Drive, Pasadena, California 91105
Tel: (626) 449-1238 Fax: (626) 449-2004 E-mail:

Dear Suzanne –

Your presentation on Sunday, March 11, 2001, to the Institute’s “Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life” was immensely thrilling. I am so grateful that, through Vanya Foster Rohner, you have become part of our lives and that you would share your understanding and accomplishments and on-the-edge research with those gathered at our home. Starting off by having you and Kim McDonald and Gail Bates walk in with your glorious array of images and technical support system was the icing on the cake! Both Richard and I thank you for bringing your outstanding ability to communicate on such a meaningful and delightfully well-planned level to our salon attendees and to us.

Filled with insights and amazingly beautiful images, your presentation was totally exhilarating! Furthermore, your kind handling of the attendees’ questions reflected your own tremendously admirable qualities – generating a warmth felt throughout the room. Truly magical!

As you were speaking and sharing your exceptional knowledge of the Crop Circles before those gathered around your inviting presence, I kept thinking how much Carlos Castaneda’s words apply to you:

“When aiming for the perfect form, ‘pretty good’ isn’t good enough Because the outward form of anything we do Is really as expression of our inner state.”

Thank you again, Suzanne, for letting us share in your high pursuits on Sunday in our home. The Salon has been most definitely graced by your enlightening, inspiring and motivational example.

Carol Soucek King, M.F.A., Ph.D.

June 17, 2002

Swirled News Review of Matthew William's Lecture, Mary Bennett

The scourge of the crop circle world is hoaxers. This is a very cogent, excoriating review of a lecture by the most vocal of this bunch. He has been an in-your-face as well as in the fields major annoyance to the research community, and it was very satisfying to read such an intelligent appraisal of what he has done and can do – just what we all in the croppie community would like to have said. Here's a quote from Mary Bennett's review:

"The results of biological research undertaken on crop circles informs us that something other than hoaxing/diddling/planking is going on in some formations. If the plankers of this world stood back, we would get a clearer picture. But that is precisely the point. They are not doing this for any artistic reasons or for any ‘paranormal jolly’ (which they could aspire to in an authentic circle). They are doing it to confuse and to slow down our ability to understand what is going on here, and they are attempting to create division and stress within the local communities in which these authentic events occur and to which they gravitate for their plank. Those farmers who do have an authentic event on their land have enough to cope with; they do not need irresponsible plankers adding to their workload."

Martin Keitel
June 24, 2002

This is an excellent researcher from Finland, Martin Keitel. On his website, he documents the kind of info researchers work with as he examines one of the new crop circles. I love being able to take you into the mind of the croppies here: Camera malfunction in German Crop Circle – Riesenstein, near Kassel, May 20,2002.

July 6, 2002

photo copyright 2002 Steve Alexander, Temporary Temples
This spectacular new crop circle came July 4 – the second largest formation to have ever appeared in the UK, measuring over 750 feet in diameter! All around it are tumuli – ancient burial sites.

Crop circles often are in some juxtaposition to ancient sites. The fact that southern England is dotted with such things could be one reason for the circlemakers to have selected that place as a canvas for their greatest artistry.

July 14, 2002

Pictures and reports about one of the best formations ever, which we've already reported on, that arrived on July 4:

I've passed along to the Crop Circle Connector this comment from a listmember, which isn't reported on their site (yet).

Elihu Edelson wrote:

An immediate flash from looking at this latest crop circle picture. Hitherto none of the circles I'd seen looked like familiar symbols. This one, however, has clear repetitions of the Hebrew letter Yod , which is also God's initial (YHVH). For what it's worth, the design is also based on sixes, the number of points on the star of David. Yod also has the numerical value 10. Has anyone else picked up on this?

July 17, 2002

Pray for filmmaker William Gazecki to do as good a job on "CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth," which is in the final stages of completion, as he did on "WACO." The Internet Movie Database, IMDb, "the new subscription website designed for people who work in the entertainment industry," that's "visited by 12 million movie lovers each month," has a guide to documentary movies. There are 24,901 titles listed, and look where "WACO" shows up in popularity! Rent it at your video store if you missed this startling opinion-changer – and go to the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles for the Crop Circle film, which starts its first week run on August 23. I put the film together and organized the main shoot in England last summer, which got me the title Executive Producer, but William has had it under wraps since then, and I'm part of the public for the big show. I can't wait.

Guide to Documentary movies:

Top Documentary Movies as picked by our users:

1 Nuit et brouillard (1955)
2 Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991)
3 Shoah (1985)
4 Trinity and Beyond (1995)
5 WACO: The Rules of Engagement (1997)

July 22, 2002

The August issue of WIRED has a crop circle piece that I think is the first in mainstream media coming from someone who's properly intrigued, albeit still fuzzy about a crossover he makes between circles and New Age woo woo. By and large, though, I was grateful that the piece succinctly tells the right story and is in such a trend setting magazine.

I contacted the author, Daniel Pinchbeck, after I saw the article. Here's the piece (enlarge the pages to read it), and my correspondence with Pinchbeck, which is so interesting that I've made it a Featured Conversation on my Making Sense of These Times site.

July 26, 2002

Received this message from Jean Hudon this week:

...crop circles are part of the decades-long campaign by – most obviously to me – benevolent beings from other worlds and/or dimensions as they gradually assert for us all to see their presence on this planet, presumably to gently prepare us psychologically for global first contact and our gradual catching up-to-speed with the rest of the universe. Of course, the puppets of the "Opposition" still in power here on Earth do not want to lose control over their perceived dominion over us all, which is why a strict news media black out has been enforced and a sustained disinformation campaign and denial policy implemented in a futile attempt to keep the lid on this nevertheless unstoppable emerging reality. Please understand that I'm not one who believes the ET's are coming to relieve us from our responsibility to clean the mess we have created for ourselves as part of our learning process and evolutionary awakening. They will certainly be forthcoming in providing help, but not until we are willing to ask for it and accept to set aside our selfcentredness, open up to our true spiritual lineage and act accordingly.

See this report he passed along from Linda Moulton Howe: Mysterious Lights Seen Above Field Where Nautilus Formation Emerged on a beautiful new nautilus-like formation. "On July 17, a Danish girl visited the Silent Circle Cafe and said she had watched strange lights moving around erratically in the sky over the hills for about ten minutes the night before."

July 28, 2002

Wow – the filmmaker who did "Signs" is fascinated at the crop circles being supernatural events!!! Watch a video clip at

August 10, 2002

With the release of "Signs," crop circles are all over the media, and I'm doing radio interviews regularly across the U.S. and in Canada. Although no media reports take the phenomenon seriously, I think that's to be expected. It takes awhile to break down societal entrenchments. Just like resistance to the insanity of the political scene is developing, I believe the awareness of something inexplicable going on in the fields also will start to dawn. I'd like to help that along with a piece I've written, "WHAT IF CROP CIRCLES ARE A REAL PHENOMENON?", about why crop circles can't be human endeavor and why everyone should be paying attention to them. If you've read anything with a skeptical slant, to which this would be a response, please tell me where.

August 13, 2002

Hoaxers are the terrorists of the crop circle community, trying to dispel any belief humanity might have in the circles being of non-human origin. This has pushed the researchers to become more convincing about how the phenomenon cannot be done by people. In this email, Stanley Messenger [], the sage of the English crop circle world, makes good points:

Dear Suzanne,

It's really good to read your stuff as often as it comes. This material, especially Walter Starck's contribution, is immensely encouraging to the crop-circle community here.

Where do those of us on our side of the credibility divide really now stand?

First of all there is the whole issue of the increasing complexity of the formations, both texturally and mathematically. As has been pointed out, at least some of those who make the most vociferous claims of authorship are not, when it comes down to it, all that intelligent, precisely on the levels which would be needed to cope with the increasing mathematical intricacy of at least some of the later formations.

Then there is the sheer engineering skill required to manipulate growing corn, sometimes on three levels of overlay, and interwoven sometimes with the intricacy of corn-dolly weaving. All this has to be done without breaking stalks and moreover contriving to bend them at the nodes as if you were simulating biological tropisms like photo- and geotropism, the forces which cause plants to follow light and gravity in their growth. In simpler language, you literally have to GROW them into the necessary complexity of form.

These are not achievements that can be met with the simple tools people currently suppose they claim to be using – planks and string and garden rollers.

August 14, 2002

Tom Sutter, one of the Americans on the listserve I run for crop circle researchers, has some fascinating ideas about the scientific information they are giving us. He's just posted everything at When I passed it along to Palden Jenkins, English croppie extraordinaire, he had this to say:

Interesting to see someone free-style theorising about crop formations. Croppies are so nervous about being criticised and caught out that they fail to do such things. I wish croppies would come to understand the enormous price they incur on themselves and the croppie movement as a whole by being dictated to by sceptics. But there we go. Thanks for pointing me to this link.

August 15, 2002

I sent out this announcement on August 9:

WATCH THE FIRST CROP CIRCLE SHOW EVER TO GET IT RIGHT this Saturday, 8/10, 3:00 p.m., The Learning Channel:

Crop Circles: In Search of a Sign, is an hour program on the Learning Channel. It's first rate – the first crop circle piece ever to get it right. It includes some speculation by Andy Thomas, English author of Vital Signs and publisher of Swirled News, that is stated much like I would say it:

"It could well be some kind of extraterrestrial force or mind, aliens, call it what you will, trying to reach out to mankind in such a way as to not create panic...They're here almost to poke mankind with a stick. They're here to give us questions, not answers. The crop circles don't give us answers. They're stimulating us to try to find answers within ourselves and maybe that's all they're here to do."

I hope CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth, the William Gazecki documentary feature (he got an Oscar nomination for WACO: The Rules of Engagement), which opens in Los Angeles on August 23, is as good. It couldn't be better timing, with Signs being so popular – I do radio shows about the circles almost every day. I put the film together and organized the main shoot in England last summer, which got me the title Executive Producer, but William has had it under wraps since then, and I'm part of the public for the big show. I can't wait. See the Website,, for when it plays where you are – and have a look at the exciting trailer.

Here's something that came back, from Lindy Hough of North Atlantic Books, the American publisher who did Eltjo Hasselhoff's book The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles [on sale at] and who will be putting out Andy's American version of Vital Signs:

Suzanne –

We watched the Learning Channel film and it was quite good. Great to see Andy Thomas there, and everyone else sounded very reasonable, it made me very excited. I just want people to portray it as hopeful and exciting.

I hated Signs – one of the worst movies I've ever seen – they couldn't keep their minds on the crop circles, and strayed to an aliens = us vs. them concept which is just so old. Barricaded in a house, Gibson and Phoenix walking around like sluggards, tugging our heartstrings from that small but unintelligible girl who mumbled things, and the confusion of the baseball star and using his bat to hit/kill the alien – why? For no good reason except fear – maybe it's that the foreign director got caught in the comic book sci/fi thing and thought that was oh so American. But it had a brutality (cutting off the fingers of the alien) that was truly mean-spirited and the opposite of Spielberg, who has always had a sense of wonder. Yuck.

Anyway, your work is wonderful and positive. It took real guts to drop everything and go over to England for that great long time in the midst of mad cow disease. But it's a great, wonderful work – you are at the center of what may be one of the most important events of our time. I'm glad some big deal scientists are getting associated with it – I remember how frustrated I was that the SETI work gets millions and this gets so little – and I vowed to work on that, but I've had other fish to fry. I find the crop circles beautiful, mysterious, and very exciting.

The Learning Channel documentary also treated the hoaxers pretty well – enough to take note, but get rid of the idea that any humans could be doing this everywhere, on this scale.

August 25, 2002

Linda Smith wrote to me...

What an astounding, unforgettable day, Suzanne; I just stumbled onto your website. I have not been so overwhelmed since August, 1990, when I walked in a crop circle at Alton Barnes. After I was able to get away from the skeptics and fun-seekers I wandered to the very top of the circle where I was knocked–almost literally–sideways by two realizations: 1) We are all One; 2) Time is a circle. (The first is self-evident, but I'm still working on the second...)

Thank you for being. And leading.

Linda Smith

Music to my ears, Linda. We are the lucky ones, who have tuned into perhaps the only magic happening on the planet these days. The circles are such a hopeful possibility that all of humanity could be enthralled by, and how shortsighted this endangered species is to focus on doubt rather than opening to awe. The evidence, even without the personal blast you got, is enough to energize curiosity, but we are so perverse in this rational reality of ours that we shoot ourselves in the feet instead. Will put you on the Update list, and happy to hear from you with any further thoughts and observations.

August 28, 2002

The United States got two nice formations in August, one in New Jersey and the other in Idaho. The stories have a delicious ring of truth to them. The absolute best formations always are in England, and usually the ones in the U.S. – that get authenticated as the genuine phenomenon in lab tests – are pretty ratty affairs, but these two are very very sweet. The stories will enthrall you with crop circle magic, but the real eye opener, is the "orbs." The pictures that capture these innumerable balls of light are sensational. Wowee.

August 29, 2002

Look how wonderfully the English crop circle season ended. Hearken to the email from the best photographer, whose yearbooks are the most beautiful of all publications. Highly recommended!

From: Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas []
Subject: New Crop Circles appear as fields are cut!

Hi everyone,

Silbury Hill
Pictures © Steve Alexander 2002
The season is now drawing to a close, with many fields here in the UK being harvested at a phenomenal rate. Here are two season finales!

The star shaped formation appeared close to Silbury Hill, Wilts on the 25th of August - approx. 200ft in diameter The second formation appeared just North of Hungerford, Wilts on the 27th of August. The elaborate pattern around the central standing circle contains over 500 individual standing squares and is a DNA strand worked into a six-fold geometrical shape. The formation is 250-300ft in diameter.

Both these formations will be featured in our forthcoming Crop Circle Year Book 2002. They will also be featured in a new set of colour prints from 2002 - shortly to be launched on our website on September the 4th - you can make an advanced order for the new Year Book at the address below.

Best Wishes, Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas

August 30, 2002

The crop circle world is in a not atypical tizzy. Nothing ever seems to be cut and dried, and different opinions have a way of creating the same kind of divisions with crop circle researchers as other people experience in different fields. I believe there's something going on that's about us not being given gifts on silver platters – we have to work to sort out confusion, and deserve new understanding by virtue of having worked for it at every turn.

So, this alien face along with a message disk arrived in England at the end of August, very different from anything before and with good reason both to think it's authentic and to believe it's a hoax. This is THE big dividing topic in the crop circle world. I don't know which is true in this case, and am watching the investigation and the debate with great interest. If this formation is authentic, it has a look that could be jarring, and, if it's not, there's a HUGE mystery about how it could have been executed by human hand. Believe me, ALL roads lead away from humans for anything as complex as this.

For a fascinating comprehensive of all that's being said, these three sites will give you the whole story.

Here's the most thoughtful piece about the alien face formation, written by none other than Palden Jenkins, English croppie extraordinaire and general rabble rouser for a better world, who also is our new webmaster.

The Sparsholt Face

A day or two ago I visited a new crop formation which came down near Sparsholt, just a few miles east of Winchester England. In all my years of croppying, this has been one of the most fundamental and deeply stirring of experiences, a privilege for which I feel deeply grateful. So I thought I'd send you a report of my subjective experience of the formation - or more correctly, of the 'space' within it. I went with Sheila, my partner, Tulki, my 6 year-old son, and Steve Alexander and Karen and Kayleigh Douglas.

To see the formation, go here:

The picture the formation makes is impossible to distinguish on the ground. Unlike most formations it is not swirled and flowing, but definitely right-angular in the lay of the wheat. The face part is made up of parallel lines of varying thickness, using a 'rasterising' effect to create a subtly shaded image, as seen from above. Though Steve told me that, while hovering over it in a helicopter, it was very difficult to perceive exactly what the picture was, so he photographed it from as many angles as possible, and only saw the full picture when the film was developed.

The formation was very energy-dense. When we approached it I was in quite a balanced and calm state. Stepping into the first bit of the formation (its 'frame') I suddenly felt shocked, as if falling suddenly into the deep end, out of my depth. The magnitude of the experience was quick to be felt - a heart-fluttering thing. I felt almost forcibly 'pulled within' and found that, although there were several old friends there, my social skills were zeroed out immediately. It wasn't unpleasant, and I think everyone there was experiencing roughly similar things. As with some other formations, I felt as if I could be seen inside by X-ray eyes above me, read off and monitored. It's as if our normal relativistic universe dissolves, leaving us in empty, wide-open space - though, in another sense, as if we've come home - a bit like landing in a foreign country and feeling instantly familiar with it, even if you don't speak the language.

The 'energy-signature' of the formation was different from others I've been in. In the 'main series' formations over the years, I get quite an intimate feeling of a presence or of energy-fields, but these presences distinctly don't want to tell who they are or what they are saying or doing. It's a bit like being a child watching an adult, without understanding why adults do what they do though nevertheless knowing that there must be some reason and sense to it which is beyond us. It seems that the main point of these is to present us with unanswerable questions which have a deeply transformative effect on consciousness and our sense of reality. An opportunity for communion, a chance to step into 'their' world while remaining on or in 'ours'. It seems clear to many croppies that these beings are not ETs as such, but interdimensional beings of a non-physical yet non-earthly nature. We don't know who they are, but somehow we know them well, and the experience is recognisable, tweaking deep memory, even if unique and entirely new. Then, of course, there are those who are desperate to assert that crop formations are man-made, but, sad to say, that's their problem, and their cosmic constipation will no doubt one day be relieved!

This formation felt like a personal message from a specific being, with a distinct identity 'he' was revealing to us. Sheila said she felt it was a rather shy being, tentatively offering itself to us, to see how we would respond. Clearly, the face in the aerial photos is an ET face - unlike the Face at Chilbolton (six miles from this one) last year, which was humanoid. The picture, when first seen, brings up mixed reactions, but the atmosphere in the formation is undoubtedly friendly and benign.

The Face of 2001 looked straight at us. To me it said 'We are watching/eyeballing you - and we are you watching yourselves'. The 2002 face looks over our left shoulder - and the feeling I got was that it was looking and communicating with our soul, which stands, as it were, just behind us (perhaps because we omit fully to incorporate our core and heart into our worldly lives).

I looked and felt my way around the face part of the formation for a while, but was drawn into the disk - and everyone else was there too, mostly lying on their backs and 'far away'. (It was a bit like a who's who of currently active croppies, actually!). The disk reminds me of psychic experiences I've had, of being given a 'rote ball', a hologram-bundle of multidimensional information which, once given, unfolds itself gradually over time (rather like being given a CD of information to look through, as you find ways of opening the files in it). Settling down close to the centre of the disk, I went inside and felt as if an energy-information download had started to take place. At one point Tulki, my son, spoke to me, and I surfaced, only to feel that the download was half-way through, so I went inside again to complete the download, and a point came where I felt it was complete. A few others verified this experience too. God knows what happens next, with that experience, and today (Sunday), the day following, I'm left wondering what to do with it or, more specifically, what this ET wants of me. It feels totally okay, and a great blessing - and I guess I'll find out!

I opened my eyes at one stage and saw Tulki alone in another part of the formation, just standing there for some minutes, silent and utterly still, staring into space. There was a crackling, crisp aura around him, and he was just being. Later, he came charging toward us waving a few stalks of wheat, as if carrying a sparking antenna or a magic wand, and waving them around. Something in him probably knows more about all this than we so-called adults do.

The 'disk' is made up of a fine spiral, with 'blips' on it which are spaced and sized in such a way as clearly to represent a coded and decodable message - my croppy friend Michael Glickman, earlier in the day, had said "Well, that's given me a winter's-worth of work to do!". Someone will hopefully decode it in due course by linearising the 'track' of the spiral and analysing the patterns and spacing of the 'blips'. Virtually all previous formations (except the Chilbolton 'Face' and 'Code' of 2001) distinctly represent clear patterning, mathematical principles and geometry, while the specific 'message' cannot be interpreted, at least in the language and concepts we currently possess. Yet this seems to be something we can decode, a specific message from a specific source. Some people threaded the spiral of the disk but, frankly, my capacity for physical movement was strongly reduced (until I left the formation, when it returned), so I didn't do that. My body felt like stiffened rubber, stable and grounded, but in another way my motion-connectors weren't wired up and motion was thus reluctant. Subjectively, I felt that each blip on the disk's spiral was not just a piece of information, but a kind of 'file name' to a whole bundle of information in its own right - it felt as if a whole library, not just a statement, was being given. I presume that a series or sequence of insights or life-experiences might follow from here.

This felt to me like a distinct 'close encounter' - a very intimate one, perhaps closer than we can get to our own selves. Everyone stayed there for a few hours - it was difficult to leave, as if we were already 'home'. While in the formation and reflecting on the experience, I was aware of being a part of history. Perhaps the men who were with John Cabot when he 'discovered' Newfoundland in the 1400s would not have been aware of all that would unfold thereafter, and of the subsequent significance of their landfall (the whole history of USA/Canada). I felt this was similar, as if more will unfold in the centuries to come which will render this event significant in a new light. Of course, this event should be front-page news, but its true significance will hardly be noted or seen publicly. The materialists amongst us might well ask "What has this to do with Iraq, guns, cars and stock markets?" and, although the logical connections are perhaps flimsy, I'd say this event is totally relevant, by dint of its timing and also the larger light it throws on our vexatious human affairs.

'We have contact', and those of us who are open to it, whether or not you can visit the crop formation, need perhaps to send back the signal "Message received with thanks! And we await further developments". I do find myself wondering what I am to do with this gift, though I trust that answers will be revealed in due course. But one immediate conclusion is that I find myself reaffirming my commitment to the life-path I have chosen. Even though it's a ridiculously small number of people involved in croppie research, I feel blessed to be one, to suspend my intellectual neuroses, metaphysical control agendas and fear of madness and the Unknown, or of loss of reputation or friends, and to simply follow this trail.

Thanks for reading this - I hope it gives a taste of what's going on. The crop season is now ending - the combine harvesters are out as we speak - and the formation will probably be gone within days. These things are not built to be permanent. The wheat was crisp and ripe - most people were nibbling at it! However, several of us feel there is one more crop event to go this year. We shall see.

August 31, 2002

Debunk the Debunkers

Eltjo Hasslehoff is a Dutch scientist – he's had a paper published in a scientific journal about crops gradually changing in some growth factor the futher away you get from the center of formations, which is something hoaxers would have no control over. Now he's writing rebuffs we all can use for people who propose that there's no genuine phenomenon. The first "self-defense" lesson takes up what Joe Nickell, a professional skeptic, just said in a cover story in "U. S. News and World Report," where "HOAX" is stamped on a picture of a crop circle. We'll keep bringing you these valuable writings as Eltjo turns them out.

September 18, 2002

The crop circle world is buzzing with this excellent article, "Origin of crop circles baffles scientists," written by Leslie Kean, an outstanding journalist. She is among the few mainstream reporters whose articles on scientifically taboo issues have been carried by the mainstream press.

Leslie Kean: Origin of crop circles baffles scientists

SINCE THE RECENT release of the movie Signs, crop circles have been thrust into the limelight. Major publications such as Scientific American and U.S. News and World Report have echoed the common belief that all crop circles are made by stealthy humans flattening plants with boards. This assumption would be fair enough if we had no information suggesting otherwise.

However, intriguing data published in peer-reviewed scientific journals clearly establishes that some of these geometric designs, found in dozens of countries, are not made by "pranks with planks." In fact, a study about to be published by a team of scientists and funded by Laurance Rockefeller concludes "it is possible that we are observing the effects of a new or as yet undiscovered energy source."

In the early 1990s, biophysicist William C. Levengood, of the Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, in Michigan, examined plants and soils from 250 crop formations, randomly selected from seven countries. Samples and controls were provided by the Massachusetts-based BLT Research Team, directed by Nancy Talbott.

Levengood, who has published over 50 papers in scientific journals, documented numerous changes in the plants from the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the "knuckles" along the stem) and "expulsion cavities" -- holes literally blown open at the nodes -- caused by the heating of internal moisture from exposure to intense bursts of radiation. The steam inside the stems escaped by either stretching the nodes or, in less elastic tissue, exploding out like a potato bursting open in a microwave oven.

Seeds taken from the plants and germinated in the lab showed significant alterations in growth, as compared with controls. Effects varied from an inability to develop seeds to a massive increase in growth rate -- depending on the species, the age of the plants when the circle was created and the intensity of the energy system involved.

These anomalies were also found in tufts of standing plants inside crop circles -- clearly not a result of mechanical flattening -- and in patches of randomly downed crops found near the geometric designs. These facts suggested some kind of natural, but unknown, force at work.

Published in Physiologia Plantarum (1994), the international journal of the European Societies of Plant Physiology, Levengood's data showed that "plants from crop circles display anatomical alterations which cannot be explained by assuming the formations are hoaxes." He defined a "genuine" formation as one "produced by external energy forces independent of human influence."

A strange brown "glaze" covering plants within a British formation was the subject of Levengood and John A. Burke's 1995 paper in the Journal of Scientific Exploration. The material was a pure iron that had been embedded in the plants while the iron was still molten. Tiny iron spheres were also found in the soil.

In 1999, British investigator Ronald Ashby examined the glaze through optical and scanning electron microscopes. He determined that intense heat had been involved -- iron melts at about 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit -- administered in millisecond bursts. "After exhaustive inquiry, there is no mundane explanation for the glaze" he concluded.

In another paper for Physiologia Plantarum (1999), Levengood and Talbott suggested that the energy causing crop circles could be an atmospheric plasma vortex -- multiple interacting electrified air masses that emit microwaves as they spiral around the earth's magnetic-field lines.

Some formations, however, contain cubes and straight lines. Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, of the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, says that such "highly organized, intelligent patterns are not something that could be created by a force of nature."

But Haisch points out that since not all formations are tested, it is unknown how many are genuine. Nor is it likely that such complex designs could evolve so quickly in nature. "Natural phenomena make mountain ranges and form continents -- they don't learn geometry in ten years," says Haisch, who is the science editor for the Astrophysical Journal.

In 1999, philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller made possible the most definitive -- and most revealing -- study to date. The BLT Research Team collected hundreds of plant and soil samples from a seven-circle barley formation in Edmonton, Canada. The plants had both elongated nodes and expulsion cavities, and the soils contained the peculiar iron spheres, indicating a genuine formation. The controls showed none of these changes.

Mineralogist Sampath Iyengar, of the Technology of Materials Laboratory, in California, examined specific heat-sensitive clay minerals in these soils, using X-ray diffraction and a scanning electron microscope. He discovered an increase in the degree of crystallinity (the ordering of atoms) in the circle minerals, which statistician Ravi Raghavan determined was statistically significant at the 95 percent level of confidence.

"I was shocked," says Iyengar, a 30-year specialist in clay mineralogy. "These changes are normally found in sediments buried for thousands and thousands of years under rocks, affected by heat and pressure, and not in surface soils."

Also astounding was the direct correlation between the node-length increases in the plants and the increased crystallization in the soil minerals -- indicating a common energy source for both effects. Yet the scientists could not explain how this would be possible. The temperature required to alter soil crystallinity would be between 1,500 and 1,800 degrees F. This would destroy the plants.

Understanding the possible ramifications of these findings, Talbott sought the expertise of an emeritus professor of geology and mineralogy at Dartmouth College, Robert C. Reynolds Jr., who is former president of the Clay Minerals Society. He is regarded by his colleagues as the "best-known expert in the world" on X-ray diffraction analysis of clay minerals.

Reynolds determined that the BLT Team's data had been "obtained by competent personnel, using current equipment."

The intense heat required for the observed changes in crystallinity "would have incinerated any plant material present," he confirms in a statement for the Rockefeller report. "In short, I believe that our present knowledge provides no explanation."

Meteorologist James W. Deardorff, professor emeritus at the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, and previously a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, states in a 2001 Physiologia Plantarum commentary that the variety, complexity and artistry of crop circles "represent the work of intelligence," and not a plasma vortex. "That is why the hoax hypothesis has been popularly advocated," he says.

However, he points out, the anomalous properties in plant stems thoroughly documented by Levengood and Talbott could not possibly have been implemented by hoaxers. Deardorff describes one 1986 British formation in which upper and lower layers of crop were intricately swirled and bent perpendicular to each other, in a fashion that "defies any explanation."

"People don't want to face up to this, and scientists have to deal with the ridicule factor," he said in a recent interview.

Adding to the puzzle, professional filmmakers have documented bizarre daytime "balls of light" at crop-circle sites. Light phenomena were observed by multiple witnesses at the site of the Canadian circle so meticulously examined under the Rockefeller grant.

Eltjo Hasselhoff, a Dutch experimental physicist, has taken on the study of what he describes as "bright, fluorescent flying light objects,sized somewhere between an egg and a football."

Scientists face real and serious questions in confronting this mystery. Could this be secret laser technology beamed down from satellites? Is it a natural phenomenon? Is there a consciousness or intelligence directing an energy form yet unknown to us?

"To look at the evidence and go away unconvinced is one thing," says astrophysicist Haisch. "To not look at the evidence and be convinced against it ... is another. That is not science." It's not good journalism, either.

Leslie Kean is an investigative reporter and producer with Pacifica Radio based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She can be reached at

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