Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

Third Gathering
July 22, 1994

It's really not ideas we're dealing with. We're dealing with spiritual energies and how ideas can have a practical fruition. We're interested in having babies. In bringing being into being.

We're making a transition into a cycle which all traditions talk about as the conscious awakening of the soul, the seeds of which are being gathered now. This nation is foremost in that.

The main point of esoteric meditation isn't about your own personal enlightenment -- this is service to the world to bring spirit in.

The world discipleship is becoming a midwife to a new state of human experience, which is the experience of the soul in form.

It doesn't really matter what you call it. What we're talking about is the unfolding of sensitivity, the unfolding of perceptions -- how much of us we actually can use and express. Another way of looking at it is how much the overshadowing soul can work through the instrument, how in tune the instrument is with that life which we essentially are. And the soul's refining of the instrument over the aeons until the instrument becomes a perfect reflection and vehicle of service.

Among people who are working in the same area of the mind for the greater good rather than for a personal thing, the telepathic rapport becomes overwhelming.

Weak people are corrupted by power. What this is about is to create human beings who can use power without becoming corrupted by it.

The concept in Christianity, "Not my will Father, but thine," doesn't mean giving up the will, but means aligning the developed will with the greater will, and taking the responsibility to carry it.

That's what we're doing here. We're here to create the group consciousness. We have no way of knowing where it's going to take us, we have no particular plan, and I think it's much better that way. This way it's going to evolve into something that will take its own shape and its own form, and I'm really glad to be part of it.

We need power circles for the good.

It's like the head of a drum. As we pull back jointly, in unison, it tightens the drumhead, so that the slightest impact will register whatever is incoming, and vibrate the sound outward as action.

If you're going to work together as a group, you need some device that tunes the different instruments to the same sound to work in concert together for a specified job or period of time.

We could do a circle and each pray. Just the group prayer could put us in the meditative state we're talking about. This might be a ritual we could do each time.

People should feel all sorts of freedom in the prayer circle, and one of the freedoms is not to say anything.

The purpose of ceremony is to get everybody in alignment in one vibration.

What wants to happen here is for something new in the arena of group to be born -- some new organism. If we understand that seeming to be what wants to happen, it makes it easier for me to move.

The newness of this is to come at this out of our different schools of thought and meet here and make this drumhead.

So let true love -- silent, uncomplaining, non-critical and steadfast -- be our goal and the quality of our group life. If we can buy into that we can trust one another. Maybe we can come together to make a new project.

Can a group be created that is at one in consciousness with complete diversity of form?

This would be a contribution to what the world needs right now. We'd be in an advanced laboratory where we're

trying to unveil something. What a pluralistic world needs is some kind of way of opening open space inside of all sorts of ideologies or commitments.

Maybe we're developing something here that the world would find useful.

Sort of a spiritual U.N.

Humanity in many behind-the-scenes levels knows we are a One Life which is constantly trying to get through, but since all we know is the form, we try to produce that oneness in the world of form...one of our gifts as a group is to be able to create a seed pattern within the mind of humanity where you can have oneness and still have that diversity in form.

We do have to have something -- a non-form if you want to call it that -- that's neither delusive nor invasive.

Do something like this each time, maybe at the beginning, so our conversation after that would be a lot deeper. I feel finally like what I've been wanting was consummated.

What's going on is a surrender. We should consciously think we're trying to serve the entire human scene by our meditation. That does add a lot of strength to it. I don't want to just have a good time.

We are a portion of humanity reaching upward for something higher and that in itself is a service...so that something abstract can be invoked, given shape and brought down that eventually might result in some outward action or service.

If we each for five minutes a day meditated on the group, what would happen after a month or six weeks when we come back together and do this?

That we're willing to let down our walls and play with this intimacy is very precious.

I think we had a baby here. Every baby is new and unexpected. This is a new non-form that has not been explored much...it gives us original data, out of the meditative space, that does not come from any of our disciplines, that we can then explore. And so we feel like we're investigating here at the Source.

Second Gathering
June 6, 1994
In Summary
The First Three Gatherings

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