Mighty Companions Presents

THE HERRINGBONE PROJECT: Laboratory for Reality Creation

Convened by Suzanne Taylor

In Summary: First Three Gatherings

The time is NOW: transformation, breakthrough thinking, soul, next step in consciousness. Magic of group. Looking at how to be causal. To deal with: assumptions, fear. Need to hunt for shift. Alchemy happening -- change is fast -- power of stating and naming. Power of group mind. Our group as proxy for world. Laboratory for original research, to unveil. Task: to create group which is one in consciousness with diversity of form (yeah for diversity, too) -- to open a space in humanity. Need tuning mechanism(s): ritual/ceremony, ways to put us in one vibration. Heroic. Exciting. Loving. We are in service to be bridge between Source and humanity. Creating seed pattern for group consciousness. Unimaginably new -- heroic conduits, operating from essence, taking responsibility, using power for the good. Bringing being into being. Time for conscious awakening of the soul in humanity. Letting soul work. Aligning developed will with the greater will and carrying it out into world.

Third Gathering
July 22, 1994
Fourth Gathering
August 21, 1994

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